Blackout Holiday Sale


‘Tis the season to SEXPLORE MORE at Sexploratorium! As an independent sex-positive storeconcerned with wellness and safety, we want to say THANK YOU for supporting our efforts!

To celebrate your pleasure we are in the midst of a 9 Day Pre-Holiday BLACKOUT SALE that extends way beyond Friday to the endof November! The online version of the sale means 20% OFF SITEWIDE at but there are other sexy deals in-store if you can come visit us in person on South Street.


Save big on Wellnesss: In store specials on massage,  Packers, Sensation Toys  and more!


Select items 20 to 50% off or free with purchase!


All in stock toys by Tantus,  and Vamp are 50% off in store until November 30.

Also, in the spirit of giving, Passional Boutique & Sexploratorium are launching an exclusive a pay it forward program and binder collection for those in need.

Unmask Desire @Sexploratorium this Halloween

For children, the American celebration of Halloween involves lots of dressing up and tricking and treating. Once grown-up, many adults find it more appealing to unwind, undress and unmask your secret fantasies during a time of the year where changing shapes and changing roles his excusable and even desirable.

Secret connections
Even at the most muggly costume party, you can keep a secret kinky connection with your partner with remote controlled vibrators , some of which you control by innocently looking at your smart phone app.

Meet “The ghost fucker” Or play Mad Scientist
At a recent Summer Camp event, Midori shared a coveted moment in the corner of the Sexploratorium vending tent with the MyStim electric vibrators that create muscle contractions like all of Sexploratorium’s electro sex products, but this also gives you a buzzing internal vibration!


Unicorn Dream-
Want to have sex with a mythological creature? Or invoke the prowess of  a magical being?

Our mothership store PASSIONAL features  bodystockings that combine nicely with Sexploratorium’s collection of body jewelry



Forbidden Fetishes
From chastity and cuckolding to objectification are not nearly so scary when your local sex club is having a Halloween party.

Tattle Tails –
Unleash (or collar) your animal instincts with sex-cessories that put you in the headspace of another species. From simple kitten ears, and leashes, to plug and play tails and  playful pet accessories that can only help you do like they do on the discovery channel.

Head trips – Hoods are just masks that envelop your head, hiding your identity and confining your skull in  a leather or latex scented bag that says “executioner” or “gimp” or “rubberist”

Bound for pleasure
One advantage of Halloween is that nobody will blink if you are bound in public. From Strait Jackets to decorative tapes and wraps that can create costumed characters, Sexplorers will love the gear we got for ya!

Cops and Robbers
Whether your fantasies include a prisoner of war interrogation or simple inescapable bondage, both PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium have the proper attire and props for the scene! From PASSIONAL Miliatary accessories like hats and uniform styled fashions to Sexploratorium’s collection of handcuffs and tools for punishment and pleasure, we cannot think of a better excuse than Halloween to enact these scenarios!

Adulting? No thanks!
Not every grown up wants to adult in their spare time. Some might want to experiment with playing in a childlike manner. Sexploratorium’s Age Playcollection is just what the nanny ordered!

If your idea of a perfect Halloween night is to lay around in a comfy oneszie and suck on a binky, there is no reason not to indulge!

Need more inspiration? Visit Sexploratorium and chat with our educators and stylists to plan your fantasy down to the explicit details… No matter your body shape or size or physical condition, Sexploratorium can help you discover and explore fantasy and pleasurable experiences this Halloween or anytime!

Sexy Halloween Events in Philadelphia & Beyond

We are nearing the end of October and you know what that means: time to bust out the costumes for Halloween! It’s high holy season for our mothership store, PASSIONAL Boutique, and we would be delighted to not only aid in helping you look your very best, but also to ensure that you stand out this Halloween and more to come!


But not everyone wants to dress up and party within the perimeters of polite society- so don’t count out Sexploratorium’s collections of tricks and treats! To whet your appetite, we gathered up a list of parties of erotic interest… Please note that Sexploratorium does not sponsor and is not directly involved in these parties, and quite frankly, relied on the internet to find some of these events, but we thought we could save you that trouble.


If you want to party like a porn star for Halloween, here are some options outside of the traditional Halloween activities , and we have put together a menu ways for you to enjoy secret pleasures in even the most “vanilla” public settings in our guide.  Honestly, what would this spooky holiday be without a few places to boogie down and share spirits…and perhaps see some…with your costumed companions? The following is a list of places to enjoy:

The folks who created and hosted the infamous Cut N’ Paste Halloween Balls of Queer Philly Fame have rallied to invent an overload of costumed queer creativity for this year’s HallowQueens Ball. Read some background HERE but get your TICKETS HERE


The Bike Stop
Looking for a place to party with other leatherfolks this weekend or on Halloween night? Tucked in a dark alley of Philly’s gayborhood, The Bike Stop is a must-stop for Halloween

Fetish Club Halloween?


Goddess Thain hosts the Newbie Corner at The Aviary parties.

Philadelphia is home to three regular (for now) fetish party venues that are sex-positive. The only regular (monthly) sex positive fetish experience that is open to the public (making it hands down one of the favorite events of  Sexploratorium staff) is The Aviarywhich happens the second Saturday of every month and features multiple play spaces with strictly enforced rules and monitoring. Sir Roberto hosts the private invite only Masque party in central Philly once a month through January 2019 only – at which time it will go on indefinite haitus. Our city is also lucky to have  Philly Music Hall as a private fetish community center with educational and social activities for the local kink and sex positive communities.

Bath House or Swinger Halloween?
Looking for sex without a focus on leather and fetish? Maybe a men’s bath house or a swingers party is where you want to be. There are options, but you must tread carefully. Please refer to Sexploratorium’s LGBTQ warning regarding these types of establishments. The main thing: You must “fend for yourself” in many of these settings as parties are loosely monitored if at all and consent is often assumed or negotiated with a wink and a nod.
Bath Houses have a “men only” policy and downtown Philly has two of them that are open all hours: Club Philly and Sansom Street Baths.
The swingers community as a whole consists largely of heterosexual wife swappers and there is not a lot of understanding regarding queer culture. That’s not to say that there are not queer swingers or trans guys who go to bathhouses– many clubs have bisexual and fetish nights that are specifically for the not-so-straight or not so gender binary but we must warn you in good conscience that you may have to explain your gender (many clubs have different pricing for men vs. women) and that you will have to guard and be prepared to make your boundaries known without any hesitation or hinting.  That said,  Friction Parties is planning a swinger hotel takeover planned for this weekend in suburban Philly or you can visit one of Philly’s swinger clubs.

Post Halloween Porn Convention: Xxxotica
Just an hour or so up the Jersey Turnpike in Edison, NJ the annual XXXotica Expo will take place from Nov 2-4. Mostly a fan convention for folks in the adult industry, the event welcomes couples and amateurs to see the shows, meet the people and even play in the dungeon. Women are free on Friday, so if you are even considering getting to know that porntastic and the pretty that is a great time for ladies’ of all genders to come check out the vibe and see if it is for you.

Lifting The Veil: A Dark Arts Festival
Featuring workshops by PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium alumni educators and entertainers, we would be remiss to not mention this festival of shadows, spirits and sensuality November 2-4


Philly Fetish Ball: Diabolique’s Dystopian Deviance

Break out your Halloween sex-cessories in two weeks and get your sexy ass to Diabolique Ball. This year’s Diabolique Ball features a post apocalyptic parade of pleasures from stage shows, charity playstations and open dungeon spaces (strict fetish dresscode, no nudity, but lots of play). Tickets are only $40 til Halloween, so get yours before the price goes up ($60 at the door) and make sure to be at the party on November 17 to Be Bad for a Good Cause!



The Marvelous Massager from CalExotics

In a world where “bigger is better” concerning electronics, it’s nice to see a device from a company that hasn’t taken this to heart. Enter The Marvelous Massager by CalExotics. This is a vibrator the likes of which is a staff favorite here at Sexploratorium. The device is encased in medical grade, waterproof silicone and is small enough to sit in the middle of one’s palm. Despite its small size, it packs a powerful, yet whisper level punch. With 10 modes of fun, you can be sure that boredom will be the least of your worries. Use the travel lock when on the go to ensure that the party doesn’t start without you! 100% of the surface area of this toy can be used!

Where this product really shines, however, is in it’s ergonomic and useful design. This is a device that you wear on your hand!

Once it slides between your fingers, a world of possibilities open up for anyone which are only limited by imagination.

  • For those who own vulvas, use it on yourself during penetrative missionary position intercourse. In the doggy-style position, give it to a partner for “reach around” fun.
  • Into kinky or BDSM related good times? Let your playmate have it to push you over the edge while bound. For those of you who enjoy shibari, it also works amazingly when rigged into rope.
  • Want to improve oral experiences? Hold it against your cheek while performing for a whole new world!
  • Did you or someone you’re intimate with have a long day? Reach up and let it work your shoulders or combine with water based lube to work someone else over!

This toy really spoke to my needs concerning having the kind of products that scream versatility. I have had mine now for a few weeks and have enjoyed it immensely in some of the ways described above and more! I couldn’t have asked for a better toy at such a great price point. Get yours soon!

Find it online here:

or visit us in store!

Road Trips & Pop Up Shopping

How does a seven day camping trip centered around sexuality, kink and spirituality sound? Dark Odyssey‘s events are some of the most anticipated events of the year as 1000+ people from all over the world make their way to the locations where their events are held. For us, this was something we see as a “workcation”, with the primary focus being to provide campgoers with the same experiences we provide at the Sexploratorium store in Philadelphia.

Basically, with every pop up shop we create: we arrive, build a store (out of gridwall and hard work), and populate it with products from the store. Sounds fairly easy, right? Well, the thing about camping trips is that camping happens outdoors, and that’s where we built our store: outside! The elements did indeed try to come for us! Imagine the age old image of using a bucket to scoop the incoming water out of a slowly sinking boat! That was us as a torrential downpour began halfway through our trip! Spirits and products were both dampened, but we persevered with optimism and the help of two skilled campers who reinforced our vending tent! Just when things we’re looking the most dim, the sunshine came quite literally!

Between telling customers about our new kaleidoscope goggles (think sensory overload instead of the sensory deprivation many bondage fans look for when shopping for blindfolds) and outfitting folks with the latest in electric-stimulation vibrators (we learned that sex educator Midori refers to these as “ghost fuckers”), we managed to throw a party of our own the entire weekend, including a pool party on the official event schedule involving two bondage bubbles and floating inflatable latex body bag for campgoers. Kali even brought people together to dye latex in one of the numerous workshops at the event!

We are happy to be back, elated that we had another amazing experience at a DO event! We hope to see you there or at some of our other upcoming Pop-ups coming to a place near you!
Check out PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium at
Sept 14-16 Leather III at The Woods
Oct 4-7 Domcon New Orleans
October 13-20 Domme Trips Diversion

BlackSyn is an educator and party beast who entertains, informs and delights customers of PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium on the road and in our Philadelphia store

Sexual Intelligence College Outreach Program

The Sexual Intelligence College Outreach Program features an evolving  curriculum specifically designed for young adults. Sexploratorium’snewest educational adventure includes interactive hands-on education without much of the humorous live demonstrations or “edutainment” style party games that have made our in-store and offsite Passion 101 Classes so popular with adults for ladies nights, bachelore/ette parties and other grown up parties and occasions.


Created by educator Ashley Robin, the Sexual Intelligence College Outreach Program or SICOP was recently featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer. The program features highly requested workshops on Accessible Sex, Queering Up Sex, The Penis and Beyond, The Vagina and Beyond, and Embracing the Taboo, with other topics on the way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The workshops that were created for the SICOP project are appropriate for college level classes in human sexuality, psychology, gender studies, sociology and other undergraduate liberal arts programs. The SICOP workshops have also been popular with student groups and residences for on-campus sex weeks, student activities new student recruiting efforts, residence hall activities and other student-led events. For more information, contact Sexploratorium

Fun Factory’s Bi-Stronic Fusion

The Bi-Stronic Fusion from Fun Factory is a pulsator with a vibrating clitoral arm. Unlike other vibrators, this toy has a back and forth thrusting motion paired with strong external vibrations.

>64 possible combinations of vibration and pulsation– lock in your favorite pattern by holding the “fun” button for 3 seconds.
>Buttons are easy to operate.
>Waterproof and rechargeable.
>Travel lock by holding “fun” button and top button, unlock it by holding the “fun” button and bottom button.
>Comes with a storage bag.
>Body-safe silicone with ABS plastic handle base.
>The thrusting motion provides a pleasantly different sensation from other vibes.
>Flexible clitoral arm–can use the toy effectively without the arm if you want to, the flexibility also allows it to cater to different body types.
>Good for G-spot stimulation.

>The soft silicone requires  extra lube in order to decrease friction.