Spring into this month’s Passion 101 Classes

This month’s Passion 101 Classes offer a buffet of flavors for folks with different tastes and dietary preferences: Basic sexual technique, brain-pleasure, intense sensation, spiritual sex, dressed-up dalliances, athletic sex, rope restraint, connective sex and even HOT firey massage!

Our Passion 101 sexuality workshops are open to all genders and orientations unless noted. Workshops usually cost $20 in advance (online) or $30 the day of the workshop (in-store). Skill shares and discussion groups are sliding scale, but advance tickets must still be ordered because space is limited & student minimums are required to confirm presenters or hosts. For a full listing of upcoming classes and events, visit Passion101Classes.com

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Only for the Sexy
Sex is natural and fun, so why not treat your spring fever with a few fantastic workshops that train you to perfect your superpowers in the bedroom?

On Friday night April 17 learn anatomy, techniques and tricks for giving great head Fellatio 101 with Bitey Switch. On Friday April 10 accessorize your playtime with Dress for Sexcess with Kali Morgan  a workshop on how to use clothing items as tools for better mind and body sex. Queer women will enjoy this month’s audience-specific Tantra for Lesbians with Anita DeFrancesco workshop on Friday April 24 where women can learn to better connect with themselves and with partners. We are excited to welcome a world-famous sex coach to our store for a special Monday night workshop on April 26 Rough Sex for Nice Folks with Reid Mihalko  where live demos and interactive exercises will help you flex your muscles in the bedroom for orgasmic championship results! Finally, on Thursday night April 30 we will plunge into Maypole season with Buckle Up, Buttercup Strap-on Sex with Tahnee where you will learn to use and enjoy strap-on toys and harnesses for pleasurable partner play!

Hot sensation play
Fire play is widely popular in the kink scene, but has dramatic, therapeutic and pleasurable potential that can be enjoyed by anybody once safety precautions and techniques are practiced. On Sunday April 26, from 12:30-7:30pm Sexploratorium presents a three-part practicum where students will witness and experience the magic of muscle warming flaming pleasure during the Fireplay Intensive with Echo’s Fire

Curious about Kinky Play?
is a term often used as a nickname for eroticized bondage, discipline and related sadomasochistic or power exchange activities. Historically these activities were thought of as improper and even insane but thanks to modern educational efforts all types of people are incorporating elements of this type of play into healthy, pleasure-focused relationships. This month, Sexploratorium offers a tasty dose of kinky educational opportunities.
Are you thirsty for ways to spice up your sex life? Check out Kink it up a Notch with Samantha Turnpike on Friday April 3 you can learn what BDSM actually stands for, what negotiating a play scene entails, basic kink terminology, communication skills and safety tips, toys and implements to and how to play with others in a safe, sane, and consensual way. Once you have reviewed the basics of BDSM, sign up the following Sunday afternoon April 12 at 3pm for Create Your First BDSM Scene with Wise Protectora guided approach to planning, communicating, connecting and finalizing a successful session that incorporates any of these ingredients: Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism or Masochism. The afternoon workshop is followed by an evening follow-up at 6pm: Connections: Putting Emotion Into Play with Wise Protector where students will learn about how to infuse emotional connection into BDSM play.
If rope restraint is your first love, don’t miss Takate Kote (TK): Part 3 of 8 Part Rigging Series with Belle on Thursday April 9 featuring practice drills of a Japanese bondage knot that is the foundation for functional and even more beautiful restraint techniques you will learn next month! Follow up with more rigging practice at the Rope Bite Skill Share the following Thursday April 16- an affordable and less formal practice and skill sharing session!

100 Shades of Fantasy: A Sexy V-Day Sex Toy Guide for Couples and Singles!

Are you partying or pairing up or flying solo this Valentine’s?

Sexploratorium has the gifts you need to make this V-Day extra special. Here are our top recommendations for couples or singles or anybody- of all genders and orientations:

Play in private or Public with Lelo Lyla II
Whether you are heading out to dinner and a movie, going dancing or privately performing at home, this remote-controlled egg from Lelo puts the fun back in your playtime. The generous range of the remote signal is sure to add an element of surprise wherever you may go! The unique remote can either increase or decrease the speed of the vibrating egg based on motion-sensing technology. This toy is rechargeable and waterproof and is designed to last a lifetime!

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Body connect: Spareparts Underwear/Lingerie Harnesses
Would you like to explore new connections that speak to your style and cater to your needs? Harnesses can connect people with pleasure providing tools in ways that leave the hands available to explore! Some designs even allow solo players to saddle up with a chair or solid object.
SpareParts HardWear makes three types of couture underwear/lingerie style harnesses that are great for all bodies and orientations! All styles feature comfortable yet durable construction, a stretchy O-ring that can accommodate a variety of toys, and are designed to fit a wide range of bodies, from size XS – 3X. Styles range from the more masculine/gender neutral Tomboi brief harness, to the ultra-sexy femme-style Bella and Sasha. All harnesses are strategically equipped with pockets for mini vibrators as well…
The Tomboi brief is a more minimalist harness, designed to just be slipped on like underwear so you are ready to go– though you will find added features like the internal packing strap handy when you need extra support . The Sasha and Bella lingerie harnesses, on the other hand, are styled to impress. These harnesses come with garter straps that you can attach to your favorite thigh-highs to complete a feminine fantasy look.
These underwear style harnesses are particularly great for transgender-identified folks; the Tomboi is great for soft packing as well as playing for transmasculine folks, and the Sasha and Bella provide enough support to help with tucking for transfeminine folks!

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Come hither with the Mona Wave
Looking for quality time that beckons for more? Lelo‘s newest innovation is a serious upgrade on some well-loved classics. While this may look and feel like the classic Mona, this vibe re-creates the “come hither” motion that stimulates the G-spot with every movement. This toy is rechargeable, making it a great eco-friendly option, and is 100% waterproof so you can take your fun in the tub or shower. The Mona Wave, like all Lelo toys, is backed by a 10 year quality guarantee so you and this toy will be together longer than most Hollywood marriages!

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Fleshlight LaunchPad and V-Stroker
Looking for a way to enjoy a solo rocket flight this Valentine’s? Let Fleshlight’s tech-friendly accessories are sure to please, turning your Fleshlight into a unique virtual sex toy. The Launch Pad iPad-compatible accessory turns your iPad into the ultimate sexy accessory. Clip the Launch Pad onto your Fleshlight and enjoy all your iPad has to offer, including erotic clips, stories, or use FaceTime for some intimate video chatting with a long-distance partner.
The V-Stroker from Fleshlight is their newest accessory, combining your Fleshlight with an erotic video clip store. When attached to the bottom of your Fleshlight, the V-Stroker records the speed of your strokes and adapts the video from the V-Stroker clip store to create an interactive experience.

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We-Vibe Pleasure Mates
Ready for a relationship with multiple possibilities and dimensions? Meet your Pleasure Mates! We’ve loved the Tango from WeVibe for a long time, and now we can love it even more! We-Vibe rolled out the Pleasure Mates collection a few months ago and these attachments take the powerful Tango to a whole new level. The Glow G-Spot attachment turns the Tango into an insertable toy that applies powerful vibrations directly to the G-spot. The Dusk Anal plug attachment is a beginner-friendly plug designed to please all bodies. Don’t have a We-Vibe Tango already? You can purchase the complete kit with a Tango and both attachments, for $150- a seriously great deal for any body!

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February Events & Passion 101 Classes at Sexploratorium

We have a big party this weekend celebrating the 19th anniversary of our company. Plus we have a great roster of upcoming classes this month!

Friday Feburary 6, 7-10pm Passion 101 Teach-in& Sexploratorium In-store demos!

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As part of our 19th Anniversary celebration you are invited to join Sexploratorium staff and educators for in-store massage, rope and electricity demos plus FREE mini-classes with our February & March presenters from 7-10pm!
Refreshements will be served!


Sexploratorium’s Passion 101 sexuality workshops are open to all genders and orientations unless noted. Workshops usually cost $20 in advance (online), or $30 the day of the workshop (in-store). Skill shares and discussion groups are sliding scale, but advance tickets must still be ordered because space is limited & student minimums are required to confirm presenters. Click HERE for full schedule and tickets.

Thursday February 12th, 7-9 pm
Rope 101: Tying and Untying with Belle-
Every second Thursday, Belle- takes you through an eight class series designed to teach the beginning rigger fundamentals of using rope as the main tool in a scene while preparing to successfully learn suspension. Each ticket is sold separately with a different topic each month but you are encouraged to take all in sequence.

Friday February 13th 7-9 pm Sensual Massage 101  with Gin Temoshawsky 
Learn fun and effective ways to ease, tease, and please through hands to body touch. Discover tricks and techniques that will feel amazing to your partner yet won’t wear you down or hurt your own hands and arms. Find out why oils and lotions are so different and when each is more useful than the other. Most of all, have fun, love, and touch enthusiastically!

Saturday February 14, 5-7pm Kink it up a Notch: BDSM Basics  with Samantha Turnpike Curious about how to kink things up in the bedroom…or elsewhere? What BDSM  stands for? What negotiating a  scene entails? Learn basic terminology, communication and negotiation skills, toys and implements to use while playing in safe, sane, and consensual way

Thursday, February 19th Rope Bite Skill Share
Novice and experienced ropers meet to snack (potluck style) and swap/ practice rope skills and techniques.

Friday February 20th, 7-9pm Intimate Exchanges with Kali Morgan
Have you or your partner fantasized about dominance and submission but never quite understood the how’s and why’s? Experience what it is like to become the submissive adorer or dominant caretaker of a partner to enhance sexual play using writing exercises, guided visualization, and other techniques. “Hands on” practice includes silk scarf bondage, low-temperature candle play and more!

Looking for informal discussion?
MONTHLY MUNCHES & BRUNCHES @Redwood Bistro 340 South St.
(Free parking after 5PM Wednesdays)

Sun Feb 1, 12-2pm Fem Dom Brunch  w/ Goddess Thain
Wed Feb 4, 5-7pm Dress to Thrill & Win!

50 Shades of Red! w/ MissTrussed!
Wed Feb 11, 5-7pm Geeks,Kinks,
w/ Mistress Zeneca
Sun Feb 15 , 12-2 Pro Dom Brunch w/ Goddess

Wed Feb 18, Kinky Queers w/ Lascivious Jane

January Passion 101 Classes


CLICK HERE for full listing and tickets for PASSION 101 Classes & Jan Events

Most classes are $20 for advance online tickets (we need to meet presenter minimums to run a class, and try not to oversell any class). Discounts for students and members of our affiliate organizations (ID required), Here are some of the events coming up:

Wed Jan 14, 5-7PM (free, pay your tab)
at Redwood Bistro 340 South St.
Geeks, Kinks, and Culture: Happy Hour Munch
w/ Mistress Zeneca

Jan 15, 2015 7:00 PM  ($5-10 adv)
at Sexploratorium’s Community Room,
3rd Fl 317 South St
Rope Bite Munch & Skill Share

Jan 19, 2015 6:30 PM ($20 adv) –
Sexploratorium’s Community Room, 3rd Fl 317 South St
Confidence and the Art of Seduction
W/ Mistress Zeneca

Jan 21, 5-7PM (free, pay your tab)
at Redwood Bistro 340 South St.
Queer and Kinky Happy Hour Munch with QLA

Jan 24, 2015 2:00 PM  ($20 adv)
at Sexploratorium’s Community Room,
3rd Fl 317 South St
Formulating Powerful and Effective Erotic Suggestions with Bryan Cassidy

Jan 24, 2015 4:30 PM ($20 adv)
at Sexploratorium’s Community Room
3rd Fl 317 South St
Frozen: How To Let It Go Through Hypnotic Objectification with Bryan Cassidy

Jan 31, 2015 2:00 PM ($20 adv)
at Sexploratorium’s Community Room,
3rd Fl 317 South St
Caning: Sensuous, Arousing, Orgasmic,Altered State, Sadomasochistic, even Quiet W/ Wise Protector

Jan 31, 2015 5:00 PM ($25 adv)
Sexploratorium’s Community Room, 3rd Fl
Flogging 201: Hands on Flogging Clinic
w/ WiseProtector

MARK YOUR CALENDARS- February 6th is the 19th year business anniversary of KDM Enterprises (operators of Sexploratorium and PASSIONAL) – join us in-store for live demos/ performances and refreshments!
More news soon. 

A New Year’s crop of educational titles

Winter is a perfect time to explore indoor sport- and sex is high on the lists of people from all walks of life, in multiple types of relationship structures, and  with diverse anatomies, orientations and identities.

In order to enhance access to materials designed for diverse audiences, Sexploratorium has recently partnered with independent publisher Nazca Plains to diversify our educational resources. Nazca Plains has worked with queer, kink, pansexual and leather educators from far and wide to create educational books, workbooks and videos on topics of sexual technique, non-traditional relationships, risk-aware kink play as well as general health and pleasure.

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Above are just a few of the titles you find us selling in-store or at conventions, but we are stocking every title Nazca Plains publishes, so do not be afraid to ask in store or at trade shows for work by your favorite educator or on any topic.

We hope to bring many of these instructors into Philadelphia in the near future so that you can learn from them personally as part of our Passion 101 sexuality education program, but in the meantime check out these written and video works, look for many of the authors at some of the many conventions or festivals where Sexploratorium sells products (usually along with our sister store PASSIONAL Boutique)

12 Days of XXX-Mas!

It’s the naughtiest time of year! Once again, SEXPLORATORIUM will be giving away 1 free gift to 1 lucky *customer each day for the 12 days leading up to XXX-MAS!

*Purchase required


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Starting Saturday December 13th,  the 12th customer will win a free gift (choose from either general sexuality or BDSM item)!

On Sunday the 14th, the 11th customer will win a free gift. Monday the 15th, the 10th customer will win and so on until the first purchase on XXX-Mas Eve!

The sooner you come in, the more prizes you’ll have to choose from!

Stop  into SEXPLORATORIUM to see if it’s your lucky day!


REVIEW: Vixen Creations Bandit

The Vixen Creations Bandit Silicone Dildo is hard not to like – it feels sexy just to take it out of the package. It’s got 7” of length, a fat diameter of 1.5”, flattened balls at the base, and a well-shaped curvy head. Light veining adds realism to the length. Like other cocks made of Vixskin, it looks and feels like a flesh-and-blood penis, but the Bandit is always up for fun.


I suited up with Bandit snug in my Spareparts Tom Boi harness. He’s a big package, and a little much to try to pack in your pants for spontaneous play, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. After a pleasant evening, my partner’s curious hands pulled the Bandit out of my shorts, and her enthusiastic reaction told me I’d chosen the right tool for the job.

Bandit’s soft, curved head makes entry smooth, though its girth did necessitate a generous addition of lube. The core of the dildo is harder silicone for minimal floppiness, but I did find myself guiding my way with my hand at the base of the shaft, especially when changing positions. Bandit has plenty of length for long, deep thrusting. The base of the balls pushed comfortably against my body with every thrust, and I can say confidently that this piece was built for both partners’ pleasure. I’ve played with a number of other Vixen dildos, and this was my favorite – the length, the girth, and the comfort of the balls were all perfect for me. Bandit gave me plenty to work with from every angle.


bandit colors

This and most other Vixskin silicone toys can be boiled for full sterilization or washed with soap and water – they’re nonporous and very easy to keep clean. When my partner and I were finished having fun, I just tossed the cock in the dishwasher and headed to bed. This is a highly recommended toy!

written for Sexploratorium by an anonymous user