Sex-essories to Spice Up Your Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to play with those fantasies you’ve kept in all year long! Whether it’s walking outside with a riding crop and heels or partying with something naughty under your costume, Sexploratorium can assist with bringing the heat to your favorite fall celebration!

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Costume Idea: Dominatrix

No Domina is complete without an instrument of her supremacy — a riding crop is just the thing to bring your subject to heel!

Costume Idea: Puppy

The thought of playing fetch got you hot? Add a collar and hood to your get up and and go for the gold! And if you’re feeling really adventurous, add one of our new Puppy Tail Plugs and wag for joy!

Costume Idea: Naughty Schoolgirl

So you grabbed your schoolgirl outfit from PASSIONAL? Check! Now, pass the test with a super discreet toy like this panty vibe, guaranteed to distract you from your homework! Extra Credit: hand Teacher a paddle of your own for your punishment!


Interview with Friday & Saturday’s presenter: Strap-on Jo!

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.57.16 PM

How and why did you end up teaching these subjects, skills, and/or techniques?

I’ve incorporated breath and visualization elements into most of my workshops based on my experiences studying with Barbara Carrellas [Urban Tantra].

How many times have you presented these classes before? Feedback? Testimonials?

For the past seven years, I’ve had the joy of teaching workshops at national and international events, universities, and local organizations. I am known for my contagious enthusiasm, ability to relate to a wide range of personal experiences, and geeky emphasis on exhaustive research.

Which are your preferred teaching methods and/or techniques?

I like to break up lecturing and demos with interactive elements, encouraging questions, and sharing of personal experiences and perspectives.

What do you love most about teaching?

Helping people realize that they’re not alone in their desires and that they have more freedom to be playful than they ever imagined.

Halloween Trick or Treat Contest

It’s that time of year again- ’tis the season for TRICK or TREAT!
Sexploratorium knows that  trick-or-treating does not stop when you’re a grownup! Adults simply move on to different tricks and treats!
We wanna hear about the sweet things you’ve been up to…and give you something sweet in return! Here’s how you can TRICK or TREAT your way to delicious prizes!
TRICK: Share a sexy trick you learned during a Passion 101 Class

TREAT: Tell us about the best sex toy you were ever treated to!

 3 sentences maximum, no photos.
Enter in store: drop a 3×5 card in our raffle box with your 1-3 sentence entry and your contact information!

Online: Email or post to the Sexploratorium Facebook Page or  leave a comment on THIS blog post!

TRICK WINNER receives a coupon good for (2) Passion 101 Class Tickets

TREAT WINNER receives a $50 gift certificate to Sexploratorium

Contest ends 11:59pm Tuesday November 5th and winners will be selected and contacted on November 10th.trick-or-treating1

*Be sure to include your contact information (Name/Handle, Email Address, Phone number Zip Code) with your entry.  One entry per participant, please. Entries with photos will be disqualified.

Pillow Talk with Rebekah and Trevor: Interview


Rebekah and Trevor are North Carolina based sex educators who will be teaching Pillowtalk – The Art of Sexual Communication Intro, Saturday October 10th 7-9pm

For more information on Rebekah and Trevor’s class, visit our blog.
and buy tickets here:
Eventbrite - Pillowtalk - The Art of Sexual Communication Intro with Rebekah Beneteau and Trevor Jones

Who are you? What makes you a unique educator? What is your professional/lifestyle

Trevor is a Tantric Shaman, who combines his passions for philosophy, nature-based spirituality,
polyamory and BDSM to assist individuals in claiming their own unique sexuality. He works with both
men and women leading them out of the boxes of conditioning and limitation, into their fullest self-love
and orgasmic potential. Armed with a degree in Philosophy and an inquisitive mind, Trevor has built a
practice based on Love, Non-Judgmental acceptance and an open mind.  His independent studies have
taken him through Tantra, Shamanism, Wiccan and Pagan studies, Psychology, Art and Sociology. All
facets of humanity can be seen as an extension of the Inner Self. Investigation of these topics is a study of
the human condition and can lead to revelations in personal Truths.

How did you first become introduced to and interested in your topic? Were there any
setbacks/problems in your practice that affect how you teach this subject?
I benefited from my father owning an extensive library and being someone of an inquisitive
nature himself.  At a young age, I was already asking the same questions that plagued
philosophers and theologians for centuries.  In my practice, my biggest setback has been
finding that Truth can only be received by those ready to hear it.

How and why did you end up teaching these subjects, skills, and/or techniques?
It has been said that we teach what we wish to know.  As I increased my knowledge and skills in
the areas of Sex and Spirituality I chose to share them with others.  I learned that ignorance of
the very possibilities that existed was rampant.  I chose to teach those willing to learn. As
Socrates said, “An unexamined life isn’t worth living.”

How many times have you presented these classes before? Feedback? Testimonials?
The particular classes in this packet have been successfully taught at workshops, festivals and
classes around the Asheville, NC area. We have gotten great feedback as well as invites to
extend our practice to other cities.

Who is your primary audience for your classes?
Our ‘audience’ is broad.  Anyone can benefit from freeing themselves of judgement and shame,
which are barriers to intimacy, as well as improving their communication skills.

Which are your preferred teaching methods and/or techniques?
Our teaching methods cross over a multitude of paradigms. We give lecture, facilitate
experiential labs and do hands on body work, all dependent on the skill level of the participants
and the nature of each class.

What do you love most about teaching?

Seeing a student expand, both their mind and spirit with the knowledge they’ve received.
Watching someone transform into a happier and more accepting self.

Belle of the Rope

One of the most popular and well-loved instructors in our Passion 101 Sex Education program is an amazing rope artist named Belle. Students and staff alike love working with Belle for her interactive educational methods and rope rigging skills. Belle teaches 1-2 classes each month at Sexploratorium in addition to working full time and attending rope and bdsm events locally and nationally. We caught up with Belle at a rare moment of respite to get the inside scoop on this amazing presenter and all around cool person!

Who are you? What makes you a unique educator? What is your profession/lifestyle background? I’m Belle-. I’m primarily a rigger publicly but privately, I’m mostly submissive. The thing that makes me unique as an educator is that I have a background in formal education. I’ve studied not only rope and how to tie but also how to teach. This allows me to really give unique classes. I also have the unique combination of being a rope bottom, rope top, and someone who self ties. I have studied rope from all of these perspectives and it gives me unique insight into how rope works.

How did you first become introduced to and interested in rope? Were there any setbacks/ problems in your practice that affect how you teach? I was introduced to rope by my first kink partner. He tied me and I was instantly in love. I have developed over the past 5 years from that experience into the person that I am today. I have had a decent number of setbacks. One of the hardest things to deal with is my lack of desire for pain. Rope tends to hurt and as a bottom, not enjoying pain can make enjoying rope a very difficult thing to do. I also have gone through phases of trying to use styles of tying that just aren’t suited to me. This has affected how I teach because I have experienced many of the problems that people run in to and can help guide them around these issues.

How and why did you end up teaching rope? I started out teaching rope when my partner and I, along with two friends started a Rope Bite chapter in our hometown. There was a serious lack of quality rope education and places to practice, experiment, and share new ideas. We decided to start filling this void and found that we loved doing it. I have been presenting as a rigger for nearly two years now.
How many times hove you presented these classes before? Feedback? Testimonials? The series that I’m currently presenting is a new set of classes for me. I change up lessons and classes extremely frequently in order to fine tune what I’m teaching to the population of people that I’m teaching. As such, it is rare that I teach the same class more than once or twice before it gets an overhaul.

Who is your primary audience? Anyone that has a serious interest in learning to use rope in their lives. The current series that I’m doing is designed for people that wish to learn to use rope as more than a tool in the bedroom and more as a tool for creating an experience on it own. That said, all of the information in the classes is applicable to many different types of play.

Which are your preferred teaching methods and/ or techniques? Rope is a kinesthetic activity, as such, I try to teach as many of my classes as hands-on classes as I can possibly do. However, I never mind people sitting back and watching if they feel that they can learn better that way.

Belle is in the final three chapters of an 8 part monthly series at Sexploratorium that is tailored to prepare students for suspension bondage. She also regularly teaches on other rope topics every few weeks such as the upcoming Rope 101 Class on Thursday, July 24. To hire Belle for private instruction, or to see a full schedule of upcoming classes, visit

The Fantasy Art of Artemis Elena

Sexploratorium is showcasing the work of local artist Artemis Elena on the walls this month. On Friday July 17th from 5-9pm, Artemis will be hosting a reception with additional affordable prints for sale, refreshments and live conversation.

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We chatted with Artemis about her work and her life for the Sexploratorium Blog. Here is what she had to say.

What inspires you artistically? 
The human form, especially the female form, is my greatest inspiration. Sometimes I’ll be speaking to someone and I’ll start noticing the way different light sources are hitting them, and it’ll make it hard for me to concentrate on the conversation without daydreaming about committing the sight to paper.
As far as other artists go- Alphonse Mucha, the grandfather of the Art Nouveau movement is my biggest idol. My erotica pieces also owe a debt of gratitude to classic American pin-up artists, with Vargas and Gil Elvgren having the greatest influence in that category.
What inspires you sexually? 
Power exchange and rope bondage are the two big ones for me-
Especially shibari rope bondage, which I consider to be beautiful beyond words.
I discovered my interest in BDSM shortly after hitting puberty. I figured out pretty quickly that kissing my girlfriend felt way better if she was on top of me, pinning me down while she did it. We started experimenting with simple tie-downs and took turns being in charge. To this day, I delight in both sides of the D/s coin and place myself mentally in the role of both sub and Domme when creating an image that depicts bondage.
How does this inspiration manifest itself in your work? 
My sexual awakening was something that occurred secretly, but even so, I had the courage to accept myself and my interests. Many of the people I’ve met along my journey haven’t had that advantage and some of them have spent years suppressing their desires out of shame or denial. I find it hugely satisfying whenever I’m able to help someone learn to accept themselves and to find safe ways to indulge their fantasies.
I get a similar rush whenever I complete a new commission, since I’m helping my client bring their fantasies to life in a way that they cannot accomplish on their own. Making dreams come true, even dark ones, can be such a lovely thing. I’m thankful to be able to devote my artistic talents to that purpose.
How are your sexuality and your art related? 
It’s all about connections.
Art is a way for me to understand the world, to create a window that looks out onto a concept or a memory and to let others look through the window with me. Sex can be a means of understanding oneself and delighting in the joys of the flesh, but if done right, sex can be so much more than that. It’s a way of connecting with your partner(s) on a chemical and emotional level that is unlike any other tool we have at our disposal.
How does the work you do now compare with the work you did five years ago? 
My erotica pieces are more well informed now than they were in the beginning, which definitely makes a difference. And my technical skill has improved greatly over the years as well, which it makes it possible for me to tackle more complicated anatomical situations that I ever could have pulled off successfully when I first started out.
My artistic development over time will be something viewers can see for themselves at this show, since there are pieces on display from as far back as 2009 (Hedonism) and as recently as last January (Wonder Woman & Hawkgirl).
Around 2011, I started working with a client who had an interest in superheroine-themed “Damsel in Distress” pieces. He’s a gentle person who isn’t comfortable with causing any actual distress, so these commissions became a way for him to have an outlet for those desires. The D.I.D. pieces have changed noticeably over time, with the earliest one having a far heavier emphasis on distress than they do now.
I’m not super comfortable with depicting non-consentual activities in my artwork, even as part of a fantasy, so I found ways to give my client what he’s looking for without having to ignore own feelings. The damsels in my more recent D.I.D. pieces are still being roughly dominated in circumstances that were likely not of their own choosing, but their expressions have changed. I try to put a certain spark in their eyes that captures that “I don’t want to like this, but I do and I want more” moment that comes with humiliation.
Where do you see your work taking you in five years? 
I’ve been starting to refocus my attention on art projects that hold a personal interest for me, rather than simply taking on private commissions for the paycheck. I’ve been getting better at saying no to projects that don’t excite me. So, I expect the coming years to bring with them an influx of new artwork centered on my own personal kinks. I’ve always enjoyed drawing erotica and I expect the future to contain more Artemis Elena pieces, perhaps with a heavier emphasis on shibari rope bondage.
Also, I’ve noticed that although I take great pleasure in dominating men (or people who tend towards the masculine end of the spectrum), it’s a topic that I haven’t ever explored in my artwork. I may consider expanding into this new direction in the future.
How do you define erotic art? 
Any image that is created for the purpose of arousing one’s primal drives or to breathe life into a sexual fantasy, while simultaneously celebrating the natural sensuality of the human body. An image that depicts more than the purely physical act of sex or foreplay, but contains something of the emotional and spiritual in it as well.
What are the most prominent erotic elements in your art? 
The inherent power of feminine sexuality, both in Dominance and in submission, as well as the natural beauty of the female form (regardless of body type).
My interest in the concept of the primal Goddess may have worked it’s way into my art as well. I’m drawn to Goddess figures who are both creator and destroyer, so more Shiva than Gaia. Duality has been a long-time fascination of mine, especially when expressed through art, and I relish the occasions when I get to explore it in my work.I know for a fact it’s why I enjoy drawing the character Poison Ivy so much. She’s equal parts earth mother and enemy to humankind. Her sexual power is palpable in a way that her equally sexualized counterparts (Catwoman and Harley Quinn) just can’t match.
What are the erotic messages in your current collection? 
Sex and power are inseparable.
Tell us about each piece in the show: 

Kneel was created using reference photos taken in the aftermath of my first suspension experience. I was sky high on endorphins and feeling completely immersed in sub space. I wanted to immortalize that moment, so I used the photographs from that evening and to create a piece of art nouveau inspired iconography which celebrates the ecstasy of giving oneself over completely.

 Handling Lex’s Light Work was the first in my Damsel in Distress series, originally a commission completed for a client-turned-friend who loves seeing beautiful women in nylons and bondage. In this image, Superman’s two lady loves (Lana Lang and Lois Lane) have been kidnapped by Lex Luthor. However, Lex is a busy guy and snatching up two svelte women is hardly something deserving of his time. He’s delegated the task to his assistant Mercy, who is menacing the frightened beauties and man-handling them for fun while she waits for more instructions from the boss.
Midsummer Night’s Dream was my contribution to a Shakespeare inspired anthology. It is, quite simply, Midsummer Night’s Dream as seen through the lens of a steamy romance novel. In the final version, I’d digitally patched it onto a book cover and titled the tale “Legend of The Ass Man”, which makes me giggle every time I think about it.
The image depicts the unlucky actor Bottom, being attended to by the handmaidens of Queen Titania after his head was transformed into that of an ass by the faerie Puck. After changing Bottom’s form, Puck also put a spell on the Queen to make her fall in love with the strange donkey-man hybrid. Titania appointed a group of faeries to attend to his every wish and after he’d been doted upon (and assumably fluffed), she took him into her bower and slept with him herself.
Karnilla’s Captive was the  second in my Damsel in Distress series, this image is set inside the dungeon of Karnilla, Queen of Nornheim. She’s holding Lady Sif captive and has stripped the proud Asgardian warrior of her armor and weapons, which lay discarded in a heap on the floor. Sif is helpless against the sexual advances of the Queen and resisting her own desires towards the noble woman, but as one of Karnilla’s fingers slide slowly into her, she whimpers and gives in to the sensation. She fights to keep her balance as her knees grow weak.
The Kiss is actually about the moment of anticipation before a kiss. Ivy deals in desire all the time, so she knows the drill, but sweet Harley is putting her trust in her friend. In this moment, Ivy is considering what comes after the kiss. She’s thinking about how far she’s willing to take this. Harley isn’t thinking about anything past the here and now. She’s just excited to be getting some attention for a change.
As a side note- I absolutely love this pairing. Their personalities compliment each other incredibly well. I am SO happy that it’s finally canon in the Batman universe.
The prompt I’d received for Phoenix Rising was to create a nude portrait of Jean Grey as The Phoenix at the peak of her power. And, for added challenge, the client wanted her pubic hair to be shaped like a firebird. I decided that I’d burn away the majority of her clothing and I did my best to make the pubic sculpting as natural and believable as possible. After that, it was simply a matter of conveying the power and strength of will inside that character. Beautiful and terrible as a thunderstorm.
Wonder Woman and Hawk Girl captures a moment towards the beginning of an encounter between Wonder Woman, princess of the Amazons, and that winged aerial warrior, Hawkgirl. They’ve been kissing for more than a few moments now and the heat between them is starting to build, their hands starting to wander. They’re both warriors and extremely strong willed, so I didn’t have any specific power dynamic in mind when I started this. I like that they both have dominant body language going on, but I think that Hawkgirl has a very slight upperhand. She’s at a moment where she seems to be growing hungrier for more contact, while Wonder Woman is just about to start melting against her.
Diana in Distress is most recent addition to my Damsel in Distress series, this image depicts Wonder Woman at the mercy of her age old nemesis, Circe. I knew I wanted to tie Wonder Woman up with her own lasso in this piece, so it gave me a good excuse to work a lovely shibari chest harness into the design. I also threw in a little extra foot bondage for my client, because hey, why not?
I love that Diana is tied up with the lasso of truth, while Circe covers her mouth. It drives home the point (both to the viewer and to Wonder Woman herself) that Circe doesn’t care one bit about what Diana might have to say- She’s not interested in a confession. Circe’s posture is both commanding and somehow intimate. She’s interested in using Diana’s vulnerable state to her advantage and Diana’s eyes contain surrender instead of rebellion at the idea.
Hedonism depicts a scene from bacchanal. The followers of Dionysus are already half-intoxicated. They’re whispering secrets to a new initiate, tempting her and teasing her and drawing her into the same wine fueled trance as the rest of them.
Babylon the Great mother of whores and abominations of the earth, is a character I’ve been fascinated by since High School. She appears in the Book of Revelations, riding in on a seven-headed beast and getting drunk off the blood of saints, but I always thought she got dealt a bad hand.
If you believe in the omnipotence of God and the literal truth of the Bible (which is especially inadvisable where the Book of Revelations is concerned, since it’s all metaphor), then Babylon was cast into that role by God himself. She isn’t a human being, with free will and the ability to choose sin. She was born into it, like a fish to water. So it struck me as incredibly unfair that everyone should revile her name when it really wasn’t any fault of hers that she was evil.
I realize now that my childhood fascination with this character was my way of working through certain anxieties I had towards my sexual identity. I was a bisexual Catholic teenager with a sex drive that outpaced almost every boyfriend I’d ever had, trying to come to terms with the patriarchal social conditioning and slut shaming of society in general, and the everything-shaming of Catholicism in particular.
I was worried about being a nymphomaniac, simply because I had a sex drive, and girls weren’t supposed to feel that way. I was frustrated that God would command me to think only chaste thoughts, but then construct me in such a fashion where that was absolutely impossible to achieve. I was angry about being set up for failure and afraid that there was something inherently wrong with me.
And then came was Babylon- She was clearly a metaphor for Rome, but she was also a queen and a powerful, explicitly sexual woman in a book that has precious few of those. I considered Babylon amoral. She was not actively evil in the way that a tornado cannot be evil. She just was. A primal force of hedonism that could not be contained. I connected with her on a personal level in a way I didn’t consciously understand until I started writing this.

VibeRite gets the Vibe Right

Vibe rite massagerThe VibeRite cordless massager from KinkLab is a great addition to anybody’s toybox, and I would recommend it especially for folks who have tried a few vibrators before and are looking to step it up with something more powerful.

Modeled after the classic Magic Wand (formerly known as Hitachi), the VibeRite employs both the familiar shape and power of the Magic Wand, but steps it up with a 7-speed control dial, a silicone head, and a rechargeable cordless design.

Less expensive and more versatile than the plug-in Magic Wand, the Vibe-Rite gets it right!

I’m a big fan of the control dial on the VibeRite, I think that’s the one feature that really makes this wand special for me. I owned a Magic Wand before getting the VibeRite and prefer to use the VibeRite because I have much more control over the power. Unlike the Magic Wand that has just high and low settings, the VibeRite wand lets you switch between 7 different speeds at the twist of a dial. This means you can start out super low at the first speed and gradually increase up to the highest speed when you’re ready for it; the highest speed on the VibeRite is almost comparable to the “low” setting on the Magic Wand.

I found that with the Magic Wand, starting out on “low” is often too jarring for me and tends to result in a “shock” to my bits that leaves me numb and frustrated. The VibeRite, however, lets me start out low and work up to a higher speed when I need it which almost always leads to orgasm for me. The VibeRite is lighter than the Magic Wand which makes it much more comfortable to use for longer amounts of time. The head is silicone, which means its non-porous and easy to clean and more hygienic if you are sharing it between partners.

The head of the VibeRite is the exact same shape and size as the Magic Wand so any insertable attachment for the Magic Wand will also work with the Vibe Rite, making it a versatile toy for g-spot or prostate play as well. The rechargeable cordless design is super convenient, and eliminates the Magic Wand’s awkward cord tangle when you’re getting busy. Since it can operate cordless, it’s also great for travel.

Overall, the VibeRite offers versatility in terms of use and function, but with a slight sacrifice in terms of power. For me, I don’t miss the extra power that the Magic Wand offers, especially because I never needed it anyway.