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Spring into this month’s Passion 101 Classes

This month’s Passion 101 Classes offer a buffet of flavors for folks with different tastes and dietary preferences: Basic sexual technique, brain-pleasure, intense sensation, spiritual sex, dressed-up dalliances, athletic sex, rope restraint, connective sex and even HOT firey massage!

Our Passion 101 sexuality workshops are open to all genders and orientations unless noted. Workshops usually cost $20 in advance (online) or $30 the day of the workshop (in-store). Skill shares and discussion groups are sliding scale, but advance tickets must still be ordered because space is limited & student minimums are required to confirm presenters or hosts. For a full listing of upcoming classes and events, visit Passion101Classes.com

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Only for the Sexy
Sex is natural and fun, so why not treat your spring fever with a few fantastic workshops that train you to perfect your superpowers in the bedroom?

On Friday night April 17 learn anatomy, techniques and tricks for giving great head Fellatio 101 with Bitey Switch. On Friday April 10 accessorize your playtime with Dress for Sexcess with Kali Morgan  a workshop on how to use clothing items as tools for better mind and body sex. Queer women will enjoy this month’s audience-specific Tantra for Lesbians with Anita DeFrancesco workshop on Friday April 24 where women can learn to better connect with themselves and with partners. We are excited to welcome a world-famous sex coach to our store for a special Monday night workshop on April 26 Rough Sex for Nice Folks with Reid Mihalko  where live demos and interactive exercises will help you flex your muscles in the bedroom for orgasmic championship results! Finally, on Thursday night April 30 we will plunge into Maypole season with Buckle Up, Buttercup Strap-on Sex with Tahnee where you will learn to use and enjoy strap-on toys and harnesses for pleasurable partner play!

Hot sensation play
Fire play is widely popular in the kink scene, but has dramatic, therapeutic and pleasurable potential that can be enjoyed by anybody once safety precautions and techniques are practiced. On Sunday April 26, from 12:30-7:30pm Sexploratorium presents a three-part practicum where students will witness and experience the magic of muscle warming flaming pleasure during the Fireplay Intensive with Echo’s Fire

Curious about Kinky Play?
is a term often used as a nickname for eroticized bondage, discipline and related sadomasochistic or power exchange activities. Historically these activities were thought of as improper and even insane but thanks to modern educational efforts all types of people are incorporating elements of this type of play into healthy, pleasure-focused relationships. This month, Sexploratorium offers a tasty dose of kinky educational opportunities.
Are you thirsty for ways to spice up your sex life? Check out Kink it up a Notch with Samantha Turnpike on Friday April 3 you can learn what BDSM actually stands for, what negotiating a play scene entails, basic kink terminology, communication skills and safety tips, toys and implements to and how to play with others in a safe, sane, and consensual way. Once you have reviewed the basics of BDSM, sign up the following Sunday afternoon April 12 at 3pm for Create Your First BDSM Scene with Wise Protectora guided approach to planning, communicating, connecting and finalizing a successful session that incorporates any of these ingredients: Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism or Masochism. The afternoon workshop is followed by an evening follow-up at 6pm: Connections: Putting Emotion Into Play with Wise Protector where students will learn about how to infuse emotional connection into BDSM play.
If rope restraint is your first love, don’t miss Takate Kote (TK): Part 3 of 8 Part Rigging Series with Belle on Thursday April 9 featuring practice drills of a Japanese bondage knot that is the foundation for functional and even more beautiful restraint techniques you will learn next month! Follow up with more rigging practice at the Rope Bite Skill Share the following Thursday April 16- an affordable and less formal practice and skill sharing session!

Celebrating 18 Sexy years with PASSIONAL !

Sexploratorium started as the sexuality department in the original PASSIONAL store (originally called Fetishes Boutique) before moving into it’s own store. Since we have relocated to the second floor of the PASSIONAL store,  we will be celebrating the 18 years of sexy history that we have been privileged to participate in.  Our educators and staff will seduce you into interactive demos and games, enter you in our raffle of sexy prizes and allow you to experience the store in a whole new way!

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Darlene, the original sissy maid of the first Fetishes Boutique catalog, will serve treats in uniform. Our Sexploratorium raffle will feature sex toys, erotic art, a free workshop and a few good kinky accoutrements. Cards will be displayed in store! Veronica Bound and Ms. Zeneca will be teaching upcoming Passion 101 Classes in-store, and will be happy to answer questions about their workshops. Additionally, Goddess Thain, Goddess Ava Marks, and Andrea Renae will be promoting new  Monday night discussion groups and Wednesday Happy Hour Munches- sign up for our e-lists at the party or grab a schedule while you are there. Steph Chando, our educational coordinator will have our class site live to assist guests with purchasing advance discount tickets.

Catherine Gross will be  celebrating  with  and offer of canings – whether  you like soft, hard, deep or sensual— she has up to 18 strokes for you! Want something out of the ordinary? Ask and for one night, you shall receive (non nudity—clean underwear required)! Catherine’s assistant will be signing up to 4 submissives who would like to join her Servants’ Retreat , an intensive weekend of interactive seminars  for bottoms, submissives, servants, slaves, and kinksters to examine many of the real life issues of service (there is no need to be in a relationship to attend).

We expect quite a crowd, and would appreciate it if you would take a moment to RSVP to this event on Facebook or Fetlife (or here in the comments section if you are not on either of those networks), so that we can adequately prepare for refreshments.


Positively Sexy Performance: Gaga for Lady Gaga!

Since last year’s Grammy awards, we have asked our customers to nominate music videos that send a “positively sexy message” celebrating pleasure and body/gender acceptance.  Our original concept was to name a “winner” and give and “award” at the end of 12 months of nominations. Alas,  we have fallen behind in posting all of the nominations, and it turns out that many “old school” videos were nominated with a backlog of at least ten nominations. For the new year, our goal is not to create an “award” or a “competition” but simply to celebrate the performers and performances that send positive sexual messages.

Of the nominations we received, wanted to acknowledge the many  and mentions  sex-positive influence of Lady Gaga, especially for “Born this Way”.

Since the award winning “Born this Way” video became an anthem for the LGBT community, we decided to feature the gender-challenging  video for “You and ,” along with the groundbreaking live performance and interviews that resulted from its production. We’d like to give “Born this Way” some breathing room and revisit the positivity in its lyrics and video in the future, when a reminder would be more welcome and less “overloading.” This seems fitting, especially in light of the fact that “Born this Way” resulted in the MTV Video Music Award and ensuing performance that brought the newer and very different, “You and I” into public spotlight.

Bringing a new level of awesomeness to award shows, Lady Gaga completely reinvented themselves from the her famously femmetastic stage-show grandeur that  and performed in full drag at the MTV Video Music Awards last August.

In addition to her performance, Gaga remained in character through the end “You and I” video she has been interviewed in character as “Joe Calderone,” creating buzz and raising a bit of controversy about gender roles and “proper etiquette.” But by and large, the performance and her alter-ego were widely received with love, especially from the lgbt advocates interviewed by MTV.

For more information and news about the world’s favorite pop diva, visit the Lady Gaga Official Site

What’s your favorite video that sends a positive message about sexuality and sexual expression? Nominate your favorite here!

Positively Sexy Video Nomination: Not Myself Tonight

John Y. nominated this sexy anthem of experimentation- bisexuality, bondage and rubber hoods are just some of the exotic treats on the menu of Not Myself Tonight by Christina Aguilera that triggered his enjoyment.

With so much pleasurable adventure going on, it almost compels one to get out on the dancefloor an try a few new moves, in a few new roles! Christina Aguilera can belt it out better than most pop-divas with a variety of styles that has us expecting more nominations for this artist’s work!

Nominate a “Positively Sexy Video” we will share a video each month, and award the best next January! Nominate any video by a celebrity or independent artist that celebrates sexuality in a positive non-sexist, non-phobic way.
Just fill out the nomination form below:

Positively Sexy Video Nomination: The Dildo Song

For some more explicit video fun, we have this one nominated my MT from back in the day! This video was one of the first widely distributed videos on the world wide web and was extraordinarily popular with the old school staff of our alma mater, Fetishes Boutique (now known and loved by her Matron name, PASSIONAL).

Why not put an oldie but goodie in the running for an award this year?

Share your favorite video that sends a positive message about sexuality and sexual expression? Nominate your favorite here:

Porn and Pubes- discussion on The View

Whoopi Golberg recently gave a thumbs up to porn, but thumbs her nose at the phenomenon of the pre-teen “pudenda.” on morning television’s The View.

After mention of a new online  service that tracks which porn sites a person may visit on a computer (marketed to women who want to snoop on their partner’s porn habits), Whoopi abandons the original conversation about the service to wax poetic about her love of porn! However, she qualifies that she thinks porn is better viewed on television and that her main turnoff is the newly widespread practice of shaving the “pudenda” to mimic the body of youth.

YouTube clip includes a commercial (but its well worth the wait, we promise):

We are big fans of Whoopi, and this makes us love her all-the-more!

Enquiring minds at Sexploratorium want to know what kind of pudenda you like to see, feel and have for  sexual allure, gratification, physics and aesthetics sakes! Please take our quickie “poll” and feel free to “comment” at the end of the page as well. We will run this poll for a week and publish the results!

Positively Sexy Video: Lick It

Just in time to whet your appetites for Thursday’s “Getting Down with Going Down on her” workshop with Chelsea Olivia, we are posting Karrie S’s nomination for “Positively Sexy Video”

We are not sure how we missed the debut of this song on the Showtime series The L Word, but we are thankful to have found the video for Lick It by God Des & She

God-Des & She are a hip hop/pop/ soul duet from New York (via Madison Wisconsin) whose talented drag kings models combine with witty lyric make this humorous look at sex education (not to mention the implied art of cunning-lingual performance) positively wrong in all of the right ways! A dancing vagina in front of an ice cream truck isn’t supposed to be hot, is it?  Who knew?

Lyrics for the song include:

…pick her up and set her on your face
pick a large area, give her some space
she needs some room to place your mouth where she want it
let her ride your face like she’s about to come on it…

Sounds like great advice to us!

Check out the official Goddess and She website for tour dates, downloads and other news! We hope to see/hear these folks at upcoming Pride events and festivals (and anywhere else for that matter)!

Nominate your choice for “Positively sexy video” with any video (old or new) that you know to have a sex-positive message. In other words, a sexy video that is not phobic, judgmental or just plain tacky. Humor is encouraged, sexiness (and a certain amount of sophistication) is mandatory!