Educational classes and presentations at Sexploratorium or at your location.

Passion 101 Spring Semester @Sexploratorium


Thursday, April 6th @ 7-9PM
Wet Their Whistle: Oral Sex for Anybody
Presented by: Kitfruitylipsten & Kali Morgan
Learn to flex your mouth muscles on, in, and around any body for pleasurable reactions regardless of gender, size, or experience level in this fun interactive workshop!…[Read More]



Friday, April 14th @ 7-9PM
The Beginnings of D/s
Presented by: Miss Mackenzee

Do you identify as a Dominant but are unsure of how to effectively carry out that role? This class is designed to help you navigate the beginning of your path in a D/s dynamic…[Read More]

Saturday, April 15th @ 7-9PM striptease
How to Perform a Sexy Striptease

Presented by: Miss Mackenzee
No matter what your age, body type, or gender identity is, come learn how to strip down for your partner(s). This class is designed to help make you feel comfortable in your skin and out of your clothes…[Read More]

 Thursday, April 27th @ 6:30-8:30PM
Intimate Exchanges

Presented by: Kali Morgan
A workshop on the psychology of power exchange for couples (or pairs of people comfortable “going there” into Dominant or submissive headspaces with each other. Using writing exercises, guided visualization, and other techniques, everyone in this class will experience what it is like to become the submissive adorer or dominant caretaker of their partner to enhance sexual play…[Read More]

piercingFriday, April 28th @ 7-9PM
Creativity with Sharps: Needles, Staples, and Scalpels: Oh My!
Presented by: Miss Mackenzee

Learn ways to turn your bottom into a lovely piece of artwork. You’ll also learn some exciting ways to torture your bottom using needle predicament bondage and creating endorphin rushes that will send your bottom to further reaches of floaty space!…[Read More]


Friday, May 5th @ 7-9PM
Being a Dom 101: Training for New Doms

Presented by: Miss Mackenzee
Miss Mackenzee has been a lifestyle Dominant for many years and has had countless play partners and currently has a live-in submissive. She will help to cover some of the questions people have when first navigating their role as Dominant…[Read More]

Friday, May 12th @ 7-9PM
Zap! The Wonders of Electro-Play: Pain and Pleasure

Presented by: Miss Mackenzee
There are many different ways to incorporate electro into your play. Within this workshop, we’ll discuss ways to make the experience pleasurable or torturous depending on how you want it to go…[Read More]

Friday, May 13th @ 7-9PM  rope
Channeling the Energy: Tantra and Rope

Presented by: Miss Mackenzee
Rope has a captivating and intoxicating energy of itself. This workshop is designed for igniting the spark of erotic desire between you and your lover and combining it with that energy of rope…[Read More]


April Community Events at Sexploratorium

Sunday April 9, 5-7PM AB/DL Hangout with Tybee Tybee creates a little’s playspace, with dress-up, coloring, and snacks!

Sunday April 16, noon-2PM Kinky Poly Brunch with Miss Trussed Potluck style brunch potluckmeetup to meet and hang out with local kinky and polyamorous folks! Get the best of both worlds.



Tuesday, April 18th, 6-7:30PM Coloring With Kitten: Sex Toys!ojoy
Presented by: Kitten

Admission to this class = a donation to Planned Parenthood and snack or drink to share! This month’s featured coloring book is Oh Joy Sex Toy Sexuality themed coloring pages, colored pencils, crayons, and markers will be provided. The goal is to provide a welcoming space to relax, enjoy the company of friends, and have open, honest conversations about the sexuality issues that affect us on a daily basis. This month’s topic is Sex Toys!…[Read More] 

ecg_heartWed April 19 Wellness Provders Mixer and Show & Tell: Vaginal Orgasmic Difficulty
Do you provide clients with health and wellness advice? Sexploratorium wants to get to know you and recommend your services to our customers! Also, we want you to know what pruducts we what pleasure products we offer that can benefit people specific health challenges. Each month has a different topic! [Read More]

Fri & Sat- Amazing Electro-Sex Classes

Have you always been curious about electrosex? Hands free orgasmic control? Electro-pulse sensation play? Buy affordably priced electrosex toys and learn to use them this weekend !

We have TWO expert presenters in town this weekend from the West Coast to conduct an upcoming electro-therapy seminar which all physical therapists and wellness practitioners are welcome to register for and attend (just click the “electrotherapy seminar” link for info and tickets)!

Both presenters will move beyond the realm of therapeutic uses and into the realm of orgasmsic applications with Sexploratorium for two exclusive workshops on Friday and Saturday night! Additionally Vixen and BigTip provide Sexploratorium with most of our affordable e-stim tools and they will bring extras to sell before, dufing and after class!

Friday March 17, 7-9PM
E-stim 101: Electric Ecstasy and Hands Free Orgasms with Miss Vixen
Learn about basic principles – from surface area to conductivity and how to understand the lingo. You’ll run through the equipment – from power units to cables and adapters, and Miss Vixen will demo some accessories. Afterwards there will be a Q&A and individual demos. Bring your own equipment and accessories if you have them for in-depth assistance in their use and applications – or purchase some before class! After your time with us you’ll be well equipped to explore electric eroticism and on your way to many hands-free orgasms. Miss Vixen will have affordable e-stim kits for sale before and after the class. Miss Vixen has extensive knowledge of and experience with electrostim equipment and its applications for pain relief and pleasure production She has worked in the medical field for 25 years, currently specializing in pain management and practitioner education- She is in Philaelphia this weekend to conduct a Mircro-current Seminar. which health and wellness practitioners are welcome to register for.
In addition to her clinical expereience, Vixen has been involved with almost every facet of the BDSM lifestyle for 15+ years as both a sub and a ProDomme. She is an expert in electrostimulation, turning electric into erotic using TENS, EMS and microcurrent technologies. She is a leader in product design and development with new creations always in process.
CLICK HERE  to buy tickets, and also consider an RSVP on Facebook HERE or  RSVP on FetLife HERE

Saturday, March 18. 7-9PM Advanced Electro-Sex Presented by BigTip This class will include detailed discussions regarding advanced electro-stimulation principles and techniques with a primary focus on stereo-stim. We will cover different types of equipment available, building your own accessories, multiple connections and tri-phase setups. The feature of the class is a step-by-step full demonstration on a willing volunteer of a stereo-stim experience from set-up to orgasm (this demonstration contains full nudity). There will be e-stim kits for sale before and after the class.Bigtip was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. He came out as a Gay Man in 1975 and has been an active member of the Leather Community ever since. He lost many family members and partners to the AIDS epidemic, and was a lone wolf for over 20 years. He experienced several health challenges that had him confined to a wheelchair for several years. During that time he found Electrical stimulation. He was active in the online SmartStim community and built his own powerbox including many electrodes. Over time he found the frequencies of stereostim that helped him rehabilitate, regain his mobility and enjoy all the pleasures of a full life again. This past summer he collared his sub in a beautiful, traditional leather ceremony. Bigtip found the Fetlife community late in 2012, but became active after attending his first much in 2013. He started playing at the parties and was soon in high demand for e-stim demonstrations and scenes. The demand grew to include building stereostim boxes and electrodes for locals. In 2015, Bigtip stepped up to lead the group who established the website and is the primary Moderator of that free forum.
To register for the class, BUY TICKETS HERE and also consider and RSVP on Facebook or RSVP on FetLife HERE

Sexual Healing: Sex, Access, & Mobility

Our first column topic addresses the basic relationships between Sexuality, Accessibility and Mobility. This week we will introduce four basic concepts we feel are key to understanding what basic types of potentially beneficial products  are available to people with accessibility needs and mobility challenges. The next three columns we will review specific products that can meet these needs.

How does physical mobility affect humans? Most of us will experience bouts of limited mobility during our lifetime on at least a temporary basis. We may strain or break a muscle, tendon or bone that requires recovery times ranging from a few days to weeks, months or years. We may suffer a life-altering injury  or illness that may affect our mobility on a more long-term basis (stroke, arthritis, diabetes, circulatory illness, accident, etc.). We may have been born with mobility limitations due to illness or bodily structure differences (such missing  or inoperable body parts, accelerated or slow growth, etc).

The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability is a great introduction to and resource on this and the related topics of sexuality and wellness.

Whether temporary, long-term or permanent, people who experience mobility limitations in particular report numerous challenges in giving and receiving sexual pleasure including difficulty in reaching their own or a partner’s body for contact, positioning their own or a partner’s body, and in controlling or holding toys and pleasure products.

Numerous products exist for improving the reach of those with physical limitations, allowing remote contact to eliminate many reach-imitations, positioning aids to increase accessibility of specific body parts and reduce the strain of holding a position and ergonomically designed toys to provide pleasurable sexual stimulation  with less difficulty and bodily strain.

Remote access products can potentially benefit persons with multiple types of mobility limitations. As long as a person has a means of accessing the controls of a remote controlled pleasure product (including vibrators, e-stim tools, and even erotic media), remote-controlled products potentially allow many persons a vastly improved range of connection and control.

Extended reach products potentially benefit persons with limited mobility of the arms and hands by extending the reach of fingers, arms (and even legs)to allow for enhanced contact and stimulation opportunities.

Positioning aids allow for intentional maneuvering of  the body to allow access and provide support to the bodies of people with mobility challenges and their partners.

Ergonomic pleasure products reduce the many difficulties people with limited mobility can face when holding and attempting to control sex toys they wish to use on themselves or a partner. Such products are designed with attention to weight, grip and electronic controls.

In the next week’s column we will recommend specific products for remote access and reach to make sexual pleasure more accessible to folks who face mobility challenges.

Attn: Educators and Care-providers: If you would like to present your research as part of this column (in a guest column or cross-post), as a guest presenter to other providers, or in a public workshop through our Passion 101 Classes, please email us.

#SexploratoriumWellness  Join the conversation! What topics, products, problems or solutions would you like to see discussed in this column? What do you think of our mission and format? When you provide suggestions, ideas or feedback here or using the #SexploratoriumWellness  hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you will be automatically entered into a raffle to win one of the products recommended in a specific series topic. Winners for a prior topic  will be announced as we introduce the next topic.

Sexual Healing: Pleasure, Health & Wellness

Sexploratorium is launching a new effort to highlight sexuality and sexual expression for humans with diverse health and wellness opportunities.This effort was inspired during last year’s Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit  where The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health in Rhode Island previewed its newly published Provider’s Guide to Sexual Enhancement Devices which recommended specific products that could potentially benefit persons with specific physical health challenges. We were so inspired by the research and development of such a guide that we immediately sought and received permission to display, republish and promote the resources recommended by the guide in our store and on our blog.

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health researched the potential medical uses and benefits of sexual enhancement products during 2014-2015.  After months of incubation, logistics planning and research, we decided to build upon the research and the recommendations of CSPH to relaunch our own Sexual Healing column as a guide to health opportunities and potentially beneficial sex products.

Our newly-focused Sexual Healing column will publish on Sundays with a twofold purpose:

  1.  To provide basic overviews of  various types of health and wellness challenges that may affect the ability of affected persons to give or receive pleasure.
  2. To provide recommendations for types of products as well as specific products wth design features that may benefit persons who are living with, managing or recovering from  various health and wellness challenges.

We invite you to add your ideas, share your experiences and provide feedback for this project using the hashtag #SexploratoriumWellness. In order to encourage a conversation where all can participate and benefit from diverse perspectives, we are offering a chance to win free product each time you use this hashtag (read the note at the end of this blog post).

Each column will highlight products that can provide bodies of differing abilities with enhanced ability to experience pleasure and pain relief, regardless of whether their health opportunities are the result of medical condition, mental health concerns, or injury. As pointed out by CSPH, optimal health and ability is a temporary condition that most human beings will fall short of at multiple points in their lifetimes. For health and medical patients, healing practitioners or care providers, or people suffering from symptoms whose causes are unclear, all bodies can benefit from information about how to enhance pleasure in spite of limitations including mobility, pain or energy level.

Next week, we will publish an overview of challenges pertaining to Sex, Mobility and Accessibility and what types of pleasure-positive products can provide potential solutions to these challenges. In following weeks we will address specific products that fall into the categories introduced next week.

Attn: Educators and Care- providers: if you would like to present your research as part of this column (in a guest column or cross-post), as a guest presenter to other providers, or in a public workshop through our Passion 101 Classes, please email us.

#SexploratoriumWellness  Join the conversation ! What topics, products, problems or solutions would you like to see discussed in this column? What do you think of our mission and format? When you provide suggestions, ideas or feedback using the #SexploratoriumWellness  hashtag, you will be automatically entered into a raffle to win one of the products recommended in a specific series topic. Winners for a prior topic  will be announced as we introduce the next topic.




Interview with Friday & Saturday’s presenter: Strap-on Jo!

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.57.16 PM

How and why did you end up teaching these subjects, skills, and/or techniques?

I’ve incorporated breath and visualization elements into most of my workshops based on my experiences studying with Barbara Carrellas [Urban Tantra].

How many times have you presented these classes before? Feedback? Testimonials?

For the past seven years, I’ve had the joy of teaching workshops at national and international events, universities, and local organizations. I am known for my contagious enthusiasm, ability to relate to a wide range of personal experiences, and geeky emphasis on exhaustive research.

Which are your preferred teaching methods and/or techniques?

I like to break up lecturing and demos with interactive elements, encouraging questions, and sharing of personal experiences and perspectives.

What do you love most about teaching?

Helping people realize that they’re not alone in their desires and that they have more freedom to be playful than they ever imagined.

Pillow Talk with Rebekah and Trevor: Interview


Rebekah and Trevor are North Carolina based sex educators who will be teaching Pillowtalk – The Art of Sexual Communication Intro, Saturday October 10th 7-9pm

For more information on Rebekah and Trevor’s class, visit our blog.
and buy tickets here:
Eventbrite - Pillowtalk - The Art of Sexual Communication Intro with Rebekah Beneteau and Trevor Jones

Who are you? What makes you a unique educator? What is your professional/lifestyle

Trevor is a Tantric Shaman, who combines his passions for philosophy, nature-based spirituality,
polyamory and BDSM to assist individuals in claiming their own unique sexuality. He works with both
men and women leading them out of the boxes of conditioning and limitation, into their fullest self-love
and orgasmic potential. Armed with a degree in Philosophy and an inquisitive mind, Trevor has built a
practice based on Love, Non-Judgmental acceptance and an open mind.  His independent studies have
taken him through Tantra, Shamanism, Wiccan and Pagan studies, Psychology, Art and Sociology. All
facets of humanity can be seen as an extension of the Inner Self. Investigation of these topics is a study of
the human condition and can lead to revelations in personal Truths.

How did you first become introduced to and interested in your topic? Were there any
setbacks/problems in your practice that affect how you teach this subject?
I benefited from my father owning an extensive library and being someone of an inquisitive
nature himself.  At a young age, I was already asking the same questions that plagued
philosophers and theologians for centuries.  In my practice, my biggest setback has been
finding that Truth can only be received by those ready to hear it.

How and why did you end up teaching these subjects, skills, and/or techniques?
It has been said that we teach what we wish to know.  As I increased my knowledge and skills in
the areas of Sex and Spirituality I chose to share them with others.  I learned that ignorance of
the very possibilities that existed was rampant.  I chose to teach those willing to learn. As
Socrates said, “An unexamined life isn’t worth living.”

How many times have you presented these classes before? Feedback? Testimonials?
The particular classes in this packet have been successfully taught at workshops, festivals and
classes around the Asheville, NC area. We have gotten great feedback as well as invites to
extend our practice to other cities.

Who is your primary audience for your classes?
Our ‘audience’ is broad.  Anyone can benefit from freeing themselves of judgement and shame,
which are barriers to intimacy, as well as improving their communication skills.

Which are your preferred teaching methods and/or techniques?
Our teaching methods cross over a multitude of paradigms. We give lecture, facilitate
experiential labs and do hands on body work, all dependent on the skill level of the participants
and the nature of each class.

What do you love most about teaching?

Seeing a student expand, both their mind and spirit with the knowledge they’ve received.
Watching someone transform into a happier and more accepting self.

Belle of the Rope

One of the most popular and well-loved instructors in our Passion 101 Sex Education program is an amazing rope artist named Belle. Students and staff alike love working with Belle for her interactive educational methods and rope rigging skills. Belle teaches 1-2 classes each month at Sexploratorium in addition to working full time and attending rope and bdsm events locally and nationally. We caught up with Belle at a rare moment of respite to get the inside scoop on this amazing presenter and all around cool person!

Who are you? What makes you a unique educator? What is your profession/lifestyle background? I’m Belle-. I’m primarily a rigger publicly but privately, I’m mostly submissive. The thing that makes me unique as an educator is that I have a background in formal education. I’ve studied not only rope and how to tie but also how to teach. This allows me to really give unique classes. I also have the unique combination of being a rope bottom, rope top, and someone who self ties. I have studied rope from all of these perspectives and it gives me unique insight into how rope works.

How did you first become introduced to and interested in rope? Were there any setbacks/ problems in your practice that affect how you teach? I was introduced to rope by my first kink partner. He tied me and I was instantly in love. I have developed over the past 5 years from that experience into the person that I am today. I have had a decent number of setbacks. One of the hardest things to deal with is my lack of desire for pain. Rope tends to hurt and as a bottom, not enjoying pain can make enjoying rope a very difficult thing to do. I also have gone through phases of trying to use styles of tying that just aren’t suited to me. This has affected how I teach because I have experienced many of the problems that people run in to and can help guide them around these issues.

How and why did you end up teaching rope? I started out teaching rope when my partner and I, along with two friends started a Rope Bite chapter in our hometown. There was a serious lack of quality rope education and places to practice, experiment, and share new ideas. We decided to start filling this void and found that we loved doing it. I have been presenting as a rigger for nearly two years now.
How many times hove you presented these classes before? Feedback? Testimonials? The series that I’m currently presenting is a new set of classes for me. I change up lessons and classes extremely frequently in order to fine tune what I’m teaching to the population of people that I’m teaching. As such, it is rare that I teach the same class more than once or twice before it gets an overhaul.

Who is your primary audience? Anyone that has a serious interest in learning to use rope in their lives. The current series that I’m doing is designed for people that wish to learn to use rope as more than a tool in the bedroom and more as a tool for creating an experience on it own. That said, all of the information in the classes is applicable to many different types of play.

Which are your preferred teaching methods and/ or techniques? Rope is a kinesthetic activity, as such, I try to teach as many of my classes as hands-on classes as I can possibly do. However, I never mind people sitting back and watching if they feel that they can learn better that way.

Belle is in the final three chapters of an 8 part monthly series at Sexploratorium that is tailored to prepare students for suspension bondage. She also regularly teaches on other rope topics every few weeks such as the upcoming Rope 101 Class on Thursday, July 24. To hire Belle for private instruction, or to see a full schedule of upcoming classes, visit