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12 Days of XXXmas

It’s the naughtiest time of year! Once again, SEXPLORATORIUM will be giving away 1 free gift to 1 lucky *customer each day for the 12 days leading up to XXX-MAS!

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With quality brands like Liberator, Tantus and Vixen toys to choose from, each lucky customer can take home a prize worth up to $249.99

Starting Sunday December 13th,  the 12th customer will win a free gift (choose from either general sexuality or BDSM item)!

On Monday the 14th, the 11th in-store customer will win a free gift. Tuesday the 15th, the 10th customer will win and so on until the first purchase on XXX-Mas Eve (note that we will close at 6pm on December 24)!

The sooner you come in, the more prizes you’ll have to choose from!

Besides this awesome contest, what other Holiday cheer is Sexploratorium whipping up?  There is our in- store layaway sale where customers will receive 20% off any remaining balances when they pick up their layaways or special order items by XXXmas eve. SEXPLORATORIUM also provide free gift packaging and gift receipts (that detail our warranties, etc) with each purchase while supplies last. SEXPLORATORIUM  Online will feature  flash 50%off sales of in-stock items via our social networks each day, so make sure to keep an eye on the Sexploratorium Facebook page and Sexploratorium Twitter


Halloween Trick or Treat Contest

It’s that time of year again- ’tis the season for TRICK or TREAT!
Sexploratorium knows that  trick-or-treating does not stop when you’re a grownup! Adults simply move on to different tricks and treats!
We wanna hear about the sweet things you’ve been up to…and give you something sweet in return! Here’s how you can TRICK or TREAT your way to delicious prizes!
TRICK: Share a sexy trick you learned during a Passion 101 Class

TREAT: Tell us about the best sex toy you were ever treated to!

 3 sentences maximum, no photos.
Enter in store: drop a 3×5 card in our raffle box with your 1-3 sentence entry and your contact information!

Online: Email or post to the Sexploratorium Facebook Page or  leave a comment on THIS blog post!

TRICK WINNER receives a coupon good for (2) Passion 101 Class Tickets

TREAT WINNER receives a $50 gift certificate to Sexploratorium

Contest ends 11:59pm Tuesday November 5th and winners will be selected and contacted on November 10th.trick-or-treating1

*Be sure to include your contact information (Name/Handle, Email Address, Phone number Zip Code) with your entry.  One entry per participant, please. Entries with photos will be disqualified.

12 Days of XXX-Mas!

It’s the naughtiest time of year! Once again, SEXPLORATORIUM will be giving away 1 free gift to 1 lucky *customer each day for the 12 days leading up to XXX-MAS!

*Purchase required


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Starting Saturday December 13th,  the 12th customer will win a free gift (choose from either general sexuality or BDSM item)!

On Sunday the 14th, the 11th customer will win a free gift. Monday the 15th, the 10th customer will win and so on until the first purchase on XXX-Mas Eve!

The sooner you come in, the more prizes you’ll have to choose from!

Stop  into SEXPLORATORIUM to see if it’s your lucky day!


Black Friday Backdoor Bonanza Sale at Sexploratorium thru Small Biz Saturday!

backdoor bonanza sale

Looking for a perfect gift for the erotic explorers in your life (or looking to explore new galaxies on your own)? Sexploratorium is celebrating Black Friday and Small Business Saturday with a Backdoor Bonanza Sale on our entire collection of quality, body-safe anal toys from internationally famous designers like Fun Factory, Njoy, Tantus, Vixen Creations and Pretty Plug, as well as any educational book title specific to anal or prostate pleasure.

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Hurry!  The sale is on for only two days, Friday November 28- Saturday November 29 (affectionately known in the USA as Black Friday and Small Business Saturday), and with the common onset of stress associated with holiday shopping, we want to make sure everyone on your list has access to the grounding stress-relieving fulfillment that these products can provide when properly and lovingly utilized.

But wait, there’s more… if you spend $200 or more on any combination of insertable toys, lubricant, condoms or gloves, you get a FREE ticket to the Passion 101 class on Erotic Anal Play next Friday, December 5. And before you even consider the class, take note: lots of lubrication and genital stimulation are necessary for beginning exploration of the root chakra!

Gifting? Sexploratorium provides free gift packaging while supplies last as well as a gift receipt that details the warranties on specific brands (sorry sex toys are not returnable or exchangeable but we guarantee against defects!).

Store hours are noon-10PM Wed-Sat, and the Parking Authority has made all parking meters free on Saturday afternoons for the rest of the year! Great news for drivers who might otherwise avoid our busy urban neighborhood on weekends.

RSVP for the SALE on Facebook!

REVIEW: JimmyJane Afterglow Massage Candle

I have always been a fan of wax, fire, and massages, but the JimmyJane Afterglow Candle is my favorite combination of all three.

This designer brand massage candle comes in four scents: Pink Lotus, Dark Vanilla, Cucumber Water, and Bourbon.  Unlike some other massage candles, which tend toward the  overwhelming, sickeningly sweet or simply bland, the Afterglow scents are delicate yet sophisticated.  It was a tough choice–the Cucumber Water is a barely-there, clean scent with light fruity notes; the Bourbon does not smell like a night out on the town but rather smoky and woody with a caramel finish, much like cake.  I ended up choosing the Pink Lotus candle: an intricate blend of deep, heady floral scents that aren’t too sweet.

The candle itself burns for up to 32 hours, and has a low melting point– comfortable enough for direct application to skin, but don’t leave it out in the sun or near a heater!  Besides that, there aren’t any other notable downsides.  It smells lovely while it burns and creates the perfect atmosphere for romance, and after about a half hour the paraben-free and  wax blend liquefies into a high-slip massage oil.  The clean design of the ceramic jar features a small spout for easy, spillproof pouring directly onto the skin. When it touches the skin, it is certainly warm and  might be surprising  to some, but not so hot that you feel any sort of pain.  I found it especially nice on one particularly chilly night!  Although it’s richer in feel and composition than silicone based massage products, it has a similar slipperiness that hydrates like body butter. Also, since this is an oil, folks should know that it isn’t latex-safe (it will break down condoms) and shouldn’t be used as an internal lubricant!
My experience with the Afterglow candle left me feeling warm, tingly, and massaged…and I loved that I didn’t have to put perfume on to leave the house afterwards!  This is definitely my favorite candle.



Celebrating 18 Sexy years with PASSIONAL !

Sexploratorium started as the sexuality department in the original PASSIONAL store (originally called Fetishes Boutique) before moving into it’s own store. Since we have relocated to the second floor of the PASSIONAL store,  we will be celebrating the 18 years of sexy history that we have been privileged to participate in.  Our educators and staff will seduce you into interactive demos and games, enter you in our raffle of sexy prizes and allow you to experience the store in a whole new way!

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Darlene, the original sissy maid of the first Fetishes Boutique catalog, will serve treats in uniform. Our Sexploratorium raffle will feature sex toys, erotic art, a free workshop and a few good kinky accoutrements. Cards will be displayed in store! Veronica Bound and Ms. Zeneca will be teaching upcoming Passion 101 Classes in-store, and will be happy to answer questions about their workshops. Additionally, Goddess Thain, Goddess Ava Marks, and Andrea Renae will be promoting new  Monday night discussion groups and Wednesday Happy Hour Munches- sign up for our e-lists at the party or grab a schedule while you are there. Steph Chando, our educational coordinator will have our class site live to assist guests with purchasing advance discount tickets.

Catherine Gross will be  celebrating  with  and offer of canings – whether  you like soft, hard, deep or sensual— she has up to 18 strokes for you! Want something out of the ordinary? Ask and for one night, you shall receive (non nudity—clean underwear required)! Catherine’s assistant will be signing up to 4 submissives who would like to join her Servants’ Retreat , an intensive weekend of interactive seminars  for bottoms, submissives, servants, slaves, and kinksters to examine many of the real life issues of service (there is no need to be in a relationship to attend).

We expect quite a crowd, and would appreciate it if you would take a moment to RSVP to this event on Facebook or Fetlife (or here in the comments section if you are not on either of those networks), so that we can adequately prepare for refreshments.


Uberlube – The Slip-and-Slide for Adults!

I should start off first by saying I set out on this slippery adventure not ever having used a silicone lubricant before. I’d heard all about the wonderful properties of silicone based lubes – virtually hypoallergenic, great for wet sex, stays slick and slippery for a long time – but I never took the initiative to try it. As a woman who sleeps with other women, I often use silicone toys. Seeing as you cannot mix silicone lube with silicone toys, I’d always stuck to buying water-based lubes. And if I have lube already, it seemed counter-intuitive to go out and buy more lube that was simply a different kind. But no more. I’m a reformed luber. After giving the silicone lube a try, I will always make sure to have both kinds available.

Let me clarify – I never use the Uberlube with my silicone toys (you can if you use a condom though!). But I use other things besides toys in sex, so I was able to find appropriate uses for the Uberlube. I’d heard silicone lube was great for shower sex. It doesn’t degrade with water, it doesn’t wash away as easily as water-based lubes, and it stays super slick. Shower sex isn’t easy (though nothing ever worth while really is, right?), and water often creates more friction and can cause a lot of discomfort. I like shower sex, so I was enthusiastic to give the Uberlube a try. Lo and behold; the silicone worked like a charm. Both myself and my partner were amazed at the consistency. It was nice and thin, so it didn’t feel like too much was there, but it made for great movement with virtually no friction. And this particular venture was entirely external, so the fact that it stayed slick and stayed on, even with the water going, was awesome. It did exactly what it was supposed to do and it felt amazing.

*Quick sidenote: Because of its consistency, silicone lube makes EVERYTHING slippery, including the bath tub floor. Be VERY careful that the lube goes exactly where it should and not anywhere else. Slipping in the bath tub, cracking your head open, and having to hit the ER kind of kills the mood.

The second venture was more of the internal variety and this took place in the bedroom. At this point we knew the lube worked great in the shower and for external stimulation. But I did have some concerns about using it for penetration. The body is a lot different (and often more sensitive) on the inside than on the outside, and I wasn’t sure how long the lube would actually last. Silly me. Yet again, Uberlube proved it’s might. The lightness of the lube really lent to a more natural feel; it blended with what was already there, wasn’t messy, and it never felt like there was too much stuff there. But it was the slickness of the lube that really made it. Faster, slower, harder, softer, different angles – it didn’t matter. The Uberlube stayed slippery and allowed us to do whatever we wanted. It lasted longer than the water-based lube, it didn’t get sticky or dry up, and a little bit really did go a long way. We only needed to use about half as much, and we were able to go twice as long.

*Another sidenote: I’m not kidding when I say a little bit goes a long way. I used a small, nickel-sized amount and it worked like a charm. Start out with a little, even less than you think you need, and add more if you decide you need it. If you glom on too much, you run the risk of getting lube on things you don’t want it on, like sheets. Silicone lube can stain sheets and while there are “methods” to getting it out, it’d just be easier to pay attention and not waste any of it.

So the moral of the story is: Uberlube changed my life. And that’s not really hyperbolic. It works like charm in the shower, and it’s a rock star for sex in general. I never would have thought to give it a try, since I can’t use it with my silicone toys. But there are lots of other fun things it can be used for, so I plan on keeping it in stock after I discovered just how awesome it can be.

*The final sidenote: I also know (but not from experience, sorry) that the frictionless quality combined with the lack of absorbency makes silicone lube excellent for anal sex. I would recommend nothing but silicone for anal play. Also, I’d recommend it for anyone with particularly sensitive parts. Uberlube is made of four things: Dimethicone, Dimethiconal, Cyclomethicone, and Tocopheryl Acetate (which is a fancy word for Vitamin E). Aside from the Vitamin E (which is good for your skin!), all of those other ingredients are synthetic. This means the chance for any kind of allergic reaction is minimal, if at all. And I would also recommend it for anyone who has smaller parts. My partner has a smaller anatomy, but penetration is a thing she really likes. The Uberlube made that kind of sex way more accessible and comfortable for her. Uberlube has the quality and consistency that would enable you to fit a Cadillac into a doghouse, should you feel so inclined.

I really dig silicone lube now, and Uberlube is great (and moderately priced!). If the idea of a slip-and-slide for adults sounds appealing to you, grab some uberlube. It’s totally worth it.


Überlube! Use überlube for Sex, Style, and Sport.

High performance, long lasting, fantastic finish.
Premium lubricant for over 10 years. Recommended by top physicians.

Did you know that überlube is used by salons as a brilliant smoothing, finishing, and anti-frizz product?

Or that athletes use überlube for running, biking and swimming to eliminate chaffing?

Not just a lube, überlube loves your whole body!