open mouth gag

Silence: The Most Powerful Scream

This review is courtesy of Klawdya Rothschild and is specifically for the red 2″-diameter ring style gag!

This gag is not for all mouths.  Not all jaws can open this wide, or stay open this far without damage, so be forewarned, and don’t feel bad—just go down a size or start small and work your way up!


This gag is available in multiple colors (black, yellow, and red) and diameters !


Even I need a bit of warm up to get into this thing, and I’m built bigger than most, especially in the mouth.  I warm up by opening my mouth and swinging my jaw to the right and to the left a few times, and then I’ll wedge the ring into my mouth, behind my teeth (which takes a bit of shimmying) and I’ll leave it in for 30-45 seconds. Then I’ll take it out and massage the muscles in my face and along my jaw, try to stretch them out as I would with any other pre-game warm up.  Even then with this massive gag, I usually only last about 10-15 minutes, but with practice you can train up for longer endurance bouts.

10-15 minutes is plenty of time for some fun throat fucking, if the dick or cock-piece fits in the opening (statistically “average” sizes will) and also fluids like cum, fingers and other objects can also be shoved, dribbled, or stuck in there while the mouth is held wide open and exposed…or say to clamp someone’s tongue or grab someone’s tongue ring and tie it to the clamps on their nipples. Ten to fifteen minutes is also more than enough time to get an intense stream of drool flowing down and covering your throat, tits and depending how else you are positioned maybe even your own cunt.  Useful things, these open gags are…

The best thing about this gag is that the ring is covered in a pliable red material, that has some give, shows teeth marks (but self-heals nicely) and also takes lube rather well, which is great if you are going to do any mouth/throat fucking play with it.  The attachment points do use an oddly thick vinyl, which is good for cleaning and probably very strong, but may chafe bio-cocks and condoms and reduces the interior diameter by approximately 1/8”.  However, the attachment points freely float along the ring itself, making them easy to reposition and therefore workable AND can even be re-perverted into a cock-ring holster!

As an endurance toy it’s definitely flashy, edgy and opens up possibilities other gags don’t allow for, but you will need to work your way up to the 2” and higher slowly. Once you get there you’ll know why it was worth the wait!

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