Sexuality Space at Sisterspace

The second annual SexualitySpace at SisterSpace 36 was an amazing experience for all involved! Photos will be posted soon… Next year’s planning is in the works, so please stay in touch by filling out the contact form at the end of this page.

SexualitySpace 2013 was a recharge of pleasure-positive sisterly sensuality thanks to Liberty City Kings, Sexploratorium, Lynn and Layne, Toni and Fidget, Tahnee, and the fine folks who visited, staffed, utilized and attended the space.

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Plans are underway for Sexuality Space @Sisterspace 2014 – If you are interested in participating or contributing with supplies, sponsorship, fundraising, etc. specific to the sexuality track, please fill out the contact form below. Get involved with Sisterspace Sexuality Space 2014!

In honor of the 35th Anniversary of Sisterspace, Sexploratorium is sponsoring SexualitySpace at Sisterspace (#SexualitySpace #Sisterspace @SSODV).

Sexuality Space is a safe space for any SisterSpace attendee over the age of 18 to explore, witness and participate as desired in consensual erotic play. Personal boundaries are encouraged, accepted and respected at all times.

Cozy public and private play spaces are stocked with safer sex and cleaning supplies. You are welcome to bring your toy bag, your loved one(s) and/or your friends to relax and play in, enjoy and explore the equipment, the educational workshops and the magic of sensuality and sexuality.

Discussion groups and workshops on topics relating to sexuality, sensuality, relationships and fantasy are hosted in the space along with social gatherings and activities intended to create community and ignite the libido!

Explore the magic of sexuality in a romantic, accepting, and respectful Sexuality Space.