Colleges & Universities


Our stores have always worked with the faculty and students of educational institutions.

Since 1996, we have worked both informally answering product and business questions on our sales floor s and presenting workshops in-store as well as formally presenting on-campus for groups and courses through our Passion 101 sexuality education program.

In our current locations, it has become difficult to manage student queries and assist with student projects informally, and we therefore request that instructors or faculty advisors and their students make advance appointments for any task that does not involve actively shopping for products.

If an assigned project involves reporting on a shopping experience, then we ask that students be instructed to shop as would any customer even if they do not make a purchase (although because we do offer many products with selling prices of under $5 we recommend that researchers invest in a complete shopping experience by visiting the store, interacting with staff and checking out with a purchase). We even have created an anonymous online shopper survey that instructors could assign as a fundraiser for a chosen charity (we will donate a maximum $200 financial contribution in any given month for completed surveys at $10 per survey). If you are interested in participating in our secret shopper fundraiser, please contact



— Discount student tickets to our Passion 101 Sexuality Workshops w/ valid student ID

— Assistance with student interview and research assignments by appointment

Affiliate product discounts for qualified student organizations

— interactive internship opportunities for students in related courses of study

— Discount products for charity and educational fundraising in exchange for promotion of our stores and programming.

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