Author: Mary Slaughter

REVIEW: Luna Beads by LELO

This modern version of the famous Ben Wa balls are great for building up strength in the vagina and PC muscles through Kegel exercises and regular daily activity. The beads are made out of non-porous acrylic and silicone so they are body safe and can be cleaned easily. This was my first time using a product like this, and I was pleased with the experience and results!

There are two color coded sets of beads that come in the kit; two pink beads (weighing 28 grams each, or roughly 1oz) and two blue balls (weighing 37 g each, 1.3 oz). There is a little silicone “harness” that holds two beads together as well. They can be worn singularly or with two at a time, which creates a variety of weight combinations that can be used.

They basically work through a smaller ball inside the larger bead moving around as you go about your daily business. The action of the ball moving around forces your muscles to contract and adjust to the shifting weight. To start off, I tried just one of the lighter pink balls before moving to two pink balls every day for approximately an hour for one week, then switched to the blue set. I did notice a VERY subtle vibration while wearing the beads. This was caused by the smaller ball rattling inside the casing. This isn’t something that can be easily heard outside of the body, but it can certainly be felt by the wearer if they are paying attention. I didn’t find it arousing since it was so minimal, but it was a soothing kind of vibration.

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The beads are a little large* so insertion was not the easiest task, but with a drop of water based lube everything went smoothly! Despite their size, they are so comfortable that I barely noticed the beads after insertion! It felt slightly more cumbersome than a tampon, but still did not interfere with normal functioning. I could easily forget that I had them in. One of each pink and blue bead are designated for singular use with a cotton blend string, and the harness has a silicone strand that remains outside of the vagina for easy removal just like a tampon.

While it can be difficult to measure vaginal and PC muscle strength, I believe that mine have improved over the past few weeks. It’s now easier to use other heavier toys that are held with the vaginal muscles like my Feeldoe, so it was a good test to see if that became any easier…and I noticed that it did! The only problem with the beads that I personally encountered was that I was not able to urinate while they were in. I think the pressure from the balls on my urethra made it difficult, but I’m not sure if this would be a universal experience. Overall, I would recommend the Luna beads and look forward to seeing the results of their long term use! The beads come with a detailed users’ manual that indicates results won’t be noticed for up to 12 weeks. I have been using mine for about 4 weeks and they are already beginning to do their job!

* LELO now offers a Mini version of the Luna Beads, featuring beads of a slightly smaller diameter, designed for those with smaller vaginal diameters or who have not experienced childbirth. Both versions are available for sale at Sexploratorium.

Written by an anonymous contributor.

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Uberlube – The Slip-and-Slide for Adults!

I should start off first by saying I set out on this slippery adventure not ever having used a silicone lubricant before. I’d heard all about the wonderful properties of silicone based lubes – virtually hypoallergenic, great for wet sex, stays slick and slippery for a long time – but I never took the initiative to try it. As a woman who sleeps with other women, I often use silicone toys. Seeing as you cannot mix silicone lube with silicone toys, I’d always stuck to buying water-based lubes. And if I have lube already, it seemed counter-intuitive to go out and buy more lube that was simply a different kind. But no more. I’m a reformed luber. After giving the silicone lube a try, I will always make sure to have both kinds available.

Let me clarify – I never use the Uberlube with my silicone toys (you can if you use a condom though!). But I use other things besides toys in sex, so I was able to find appropriate uses for the Uberlube. I’d heard silicone lube was great for shower sex. It doesn’t degrade with water, it doesn’t wash away as easily as water-based lubes, and it stays super slick. Shower sex isn’t easy (though nothing ever worth while really is, right?), and water often creates more friction and can cause a lot of discomfort. I like shower sex, so I was enthusiastic to give the Uberlube a try. Lo and behold; the silicone worked like a charm. Both myself and my partner were amazed at the consistency. It was nice and thin, so it didn’t feel like too much was there, but it made for great movement with virtually no friction. And this particular venture was entirely external, so the fact that it stayed slick and stayed on, even with the water going, was awesome. It did exactly what it was supposed to do and it felt amazing.

*Quick sidenote: Because of its consistency, silicone lube makes EVERYTHING slippery, including the bath tub floor. Be VERY careful that the lube goes exactly where it should and not anywhere else. Slipping in the bath tub, cracking your head open, and having to hit the ER kind of kills the mood.

The second venture was more of the internal variety and this took place in the bedroom. At this point we knew the lube worked great in the shower and for external stimulation. But I did have some concerns about using it for penetration. The body is a lot different (and often more sensitive) on the inside than on the outside, and I wasn’t sure how long the lube would actually last. Silly me. Yet again, Uberlube proved it’s might. The lightness of the lube really lent to a more natural feel; it blended with what was already there, wasn’t messy, and it never felt like there was too much stuff there. But it was the slickness of the lube that really made it. Faster, slower, harder, softer, different angles – it didn’t matter. The Uberlube stayed slippery and allowed us to do whatever we wanted. It lasted longer than the water-based lube, it didn’t get sticky or dry up, and a little bit really did go a long way. We only needed to use about half as much, and we were able to go twice as long.

*Another sidenote: I’m not kidding when I say a little bit goes a long way. I used a small, nickel-sized amount and it worked like a charm. Start out with a little, even less than you think you need, and add more if you decide you need it. If you glom on too much, you run the risk of getting lube on things you don’t want it on, like sheets. Silicone lube can stain sheets and while there are “methods” to getting it out, it’d just be easier to pay attention and not waste any of it.

So the moral of the story is: Uberlube changed my life. And that’s not really hyperbolic. It works like charm in the shower, and it’s a rock star for sex in general. I never would have thought to give it a try, since I can’t use it with my silicone toys. But there are lots of other fun things it can be used for, so I plan on keeping it in stock after I discovered just how awesome it can be.

*The final sidenote: I also know (but not from experience, sorry) that the frictionless quality combined with the lack of absorbency makes silicone lube excellent for anal sex. I would recommend nothing but silicone for anal play. Also, I’d recommend it for anyone with particularly sensitive parts. Uberlube is made of four things: Dimethicone, Dimethiconal, Cyclomethicone, and Tocopheryl Acetate (which is a fancy word for Vitamin E). Aside from the Vitamin E (which is good for your skin!), all of those other ingredients are synthetic. This means the chance for any kind of allergic reaction is minimal, if at all. And I would also recommend it for anyone who has smaller parts. My partner has a smaller anatomy, but penetration is a thing she really likes. The Uberlube made that kind of sex way more accessible and comfortable for her. Uberlube has the quality and consistency that would enable you to fit a Cadillac into a doghouse, should you feel so inclined.

I really dig silicone lube now, and Uberlube is great (and moderately priced!). If the idea of a slip-and-slide for adults sounds appealing to you, grab some uberlube. It’s totally worth it.


Überlube! Use überlube for Sex, Style, and Sport.

High performance, long lasting, fantastic finish.
Premium lubricant for over 10 years. Recommended by top physicians.

Did you know that überlube is used by salons as a brilliant smoothing, finishing, and anti-frizz product?

Or that athletes use überlube for running, biking and swimming to eliminate chaffing?

Not just a lube, überlube loves your whole body!


Toyfriend – Bubbly

It’s true; you’ll never forget your first Toyfriend. I’ll never forget mine. I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of complex vibrators; I just want to have fun without having to read a manual first. Masturbation shouldn’t be complicated, and  this is where the simplicity of Toyfriends comes in handy.

I have never heard of the Tickler brand before, but when their series of the Toyfriends arrived at Sexploratorium, I quickly became interested by just scoping out their adorable package design. These battery operated vibrators come in several bold shapes, it’s a push button control toy that offers 2 vibration speeds (one low setting & one high setting) with 3 different pulsation modes.

The model that particularly caught my attention was the Bubbly. I wasn’t sure if it was its rich magenta color or its fascinating tri-bubble head, but it was something I had to have…& I’m really glad I did!

The Bubbly Toyfriend

"You never forget your first Toyfriend"

The playful shapes are not just created to look cute! The Bubbly is shaped to accommodate the G-Spot but it’s also just as amazing to use on the clit, giving the person who’s using this toy the option of internal or external enjoyment. I mean, the tip of the Bubbly is premium for pin-point clitoral stimulation. The texture alone will win your heart. Seriously, its silky soft silicone finish is pretty breath taking, also making it super easy to clean & is great to use with any water based lubricants…or if you’re not into using lube, it’s perfect without it too!

Not to mention that it’s water resistant, which will make showering extra perky & let’s be honest…there aren’t that many vibrators out there that are able to join you in the shower. As for it’s, “whisper quiet” sound, kind of not the case here. It’s not terribly loud, but sort of noticeable. Aside from that, the Bubbly is hands down my favorite toy!

The Toyfriends are too cute to pass up & really affordable! They’re just under $50.00 & even include their own pair of AAA batteries in the package, so it will be all ready for you to play with when you take it home. Talk about friends having your back, a Toyfriend will fast become your new BFF.


Sing a Song of Siri!

Lelo has been blowing the minds of the staff of the Sexploraotorium (and before that at PASSIONAL) since they started selling in the USA, and Siri is no exception.  It’s not one of Lelo’s newest toys but still stands out among the toys of similar size in Lelo’s arsenal of amazing!

The Siri fits wonderfly into the palm of your hand and unlike it’s older counterparts the Nea and Lily the controls are on 4 buttons instead of 2. This means you can have any of the 6 pulse modes on any speed you like, instead of being forced to have it on the top speed like many vibrators do.

Sing a song of Siri!

The Siri is also gosh darn powerful for a toy of it’s size.  I am a Hitachi owner and will say that the Siri alone is not a thing that can knock my socks off because of this. I do find, however, that it can knock my socks off when accompanied with oral sex, penetrative sex (whether that be with a partner or a toy) and using it on the sweet (external) spots on  my male bodied partner!

In case you are not familiar with Lelo here are a few facts: They have a 1 year quality warranty on all their toys, so if it breaks (which is crazy unlikely) Sexploratorium will replace it for you for free! They also have a 10 year quality guarantee, so if anything happens to it, you’ll be able to get half off another one through Lelo. This is a better promise on quality then you’d find on most items at Best Buy let alone other sex toys. The Siri is rechargeable so you will NEVER have to buy batteries. It has a wonderful soft silicone for the part that touches whatever it is you’d like to vibrate. This means that it is ridiculously easy to sanitize for toy sharing or just general cleaning between uses.

Bottom line is, the Siri is Lelo’s most powerful non insert-able toy. If you are going to make an investment on a sex toy, this might just be the one!

G-Ki Gasms!

WOW! WOW! WOW! I played with my sextoy and what did I get? – The most amazing orgasms. Not a misprint, the plural form of orgasm. This coming from a woman whose orgasms are not easy to create these days, due to the fluctuation in estrogen. Hitachi was always the last toy needed to do the trick, but not with Je Joue G-Ki. Actually, I used Hitachi first, so that I would be prepared for the g-spot gasm.

Oh yes! No doubt, there is a G-spot. Sheri Winston’s book, “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal,” has beautiful pictures and laymen’s explanation as to the manufacture of ejaculate. I didn’t squirt, might have dribbled, didn’t matter, I just know how I felt – incredible!

Variations: Use vaginally while simultaneously having anal play and/or insertion.

MEN: Why not try it anally to produce prostate stimulated orgasms? Make certain you clean it thoroughly before giving it back to your girlfriend. Better yet, use a condom.

Susana Mayer, Ph.D.
Dr. Mayer is a crusader for Basic Sex Rights, the founder and host of the Erotic Literary Salon and advocate for the Ageless Sex Life™



Nuts and Bolts:

Manufacturer: Je Joue

Style: Combination G-spot dildo & clit vibrator. Adjustable curvature (nice feature, since g-spot locations vary), adjustable and variable speed and pulsations.

Packaging: Elegant black box, tied with ribbon. Comprehensive manual included, which explains g-spot exploration and adjustable features.

Measurements: Entire toy is 9″ long, handle area is 1-3/4″ wide. Insertable portion measures 4-1/2″ by 1-1/4″ and bulges at the tip.

Material: Matte silicone.

Colors: black, purple and rose. (I shall admit, mine was black and attracted a lot of lint – hint, keep in black box for storage).

Power: Rechargeable. AC cord attaches to magnets to charge. All included.

Care & lube: Use water based lube. Wash with warm water, soap, or toy cleaner. Cannot be boiled or placed in dishwasher.

Waterproof: Yes, but remember, do not boil or place in dishwasher.

Power & noise levels: Amazing power yet only a vibrating purrrrrr. One of the quietist toys I own.

Vibration patterns: Five constant vibe settings, five patterns that include pulsations and wavy vibration. Wish that the adjustments for settings were easier to reach and push. With lubed fingers it was occasionally difficult to change patterns.

Futuristic Thrill: Cyborg Dildo

If goldilocks was looking for a dildo, there’s a good chance she’d pick this one!

The future has arrived at the door to your love-chamber. Knock-knock!

Cyborg is a premium silicone cured dildo from the Fleshlight Freaks line.  The Cyborg is a striking bright purple, 7.5″ long with 6″ of insert-able length, and 1.75″ diameter.

Just as all of the dildos in the Freak  line, the Cyborg is incredibly detailed! In addition to being just the right size the shape and textures on this dildo are very unique.  The tip has a slight angle up which is super fun for external play and the robotic ridges along the shaft make for excellent G-Spot stimulation. If you have ever had any remote robot fantasies, this dildo will fulfill them ten fold!
You can take your bedroom role playing to a whole other level with any of the dildos from the Fleshlight Freaks line!