Author: Kali Morgan

Kali Morgan is the retail Proprietrix of PASSIONAL Boutique and Sexploratorium.

Passion 101 Spring Semester @Sexploratorium


Thursday, April 6th @ 7-9PM
Wet Their Whistle: Oral Sex for Anybody
Presented by: Kitfruitylipsten & Kali Morgan
Learn to flex your mouth muscles on, in, and around any body for pleasurable reactions regardless of gender, size, or experience level in this fun interactive workshop!…[Read More]



Friday, April 14th @ 7-9PM
The Beginnings of D/s
Presented by: Miss Mackenzee

Do you identify as a Dominant but are unsure of how to effectively carry out that role? This class is designed to help you navigate the beginning of your path in a D/s dynamic…[Read More]

Saturday, April 15th @ 7-9PM striptease
How to Perform a Sexy Striptease

Presented by: Miss Mackenzee
No matter what your age, body type, or gender identity is, come learn how to strip down for your partner(s). This class is designed to help make you feel comfortable in your skin and out of your clothes…[Read More]

 Thursday, April 27th @ 6:30-8:30PM
Intimate Exchanges

Presented by: Kali Morgan
A workshop on the psychology of power exchange for couples (or pairs of people comfortable “going there” into Dominant or submissive headspaces with each other. Using writing exercises, guided visualization, and other techniques, everyone in this class will experience what it is like to become the submissive adorer or dominant caretaker of their partner to enhance sexual play…[Read More]

piercingFriday, April 28th @ 7-9PM
Creativity with Sharps: Needles, Staples, and Scalpels: Oh My!
Presented by: Miss Mackenzee

Learn ways to turn your bottom into a lovely piece of artwork. You’ll also learn some exciting ways to torture your bottom using needle predicament bondage and creating endorphin rushes that will send your bottom to further reaches of floaty space!…[Read More]


Friday, May 5th @ 7-9PM
Being a Dom 101: Training for New Doms

Presented by: Miss Mackenzee
Miss Mackenzee has been a lifestyle Dominant for many years and has had countless play partners and currently has a live-in submissive. She will help to cover some of the questions people have when first navigating their role as Dominant…[Read More]

Friday, May 12th @ 7-9PM
Zap! The Wonders of Electro-Play: Pain and Pleasure

Presented by: Miss Mackenzee
There are many different ways to incorporate electro into your play. Within this workshop, we’ll discuss ways to make the experience pleasurable or torturous depending on how you want it to go…[Read More]

Friday, May 13th @ 7-9PM  rope
Channeling the Energy: Tantra and Rope

Presented by: Miss Mackenzee
Rope has a captivating and intoxicating energy of itself. This workshop is designed for igniting the spark of erotic desire between you and your lover and combining it with that energy of rope…[Read More]


April Community Events at Sexploratorium

Sunday April 9, 5-7PM AB/DL Hangout with Tybee Tybee creates a little’s playspace, with dress-up, coloring, and snacks!

Sunday April 16, noon-2PM Kinky Poly Brunch with Miss Trussed Potluck style brunch potluckmeetup to meet and hang out with local kinky and polyamorous folks! Get the best of both worlds.



Tuesday, April 18th, 6-7:30PM Coloring With Kitten: Sex Toys!ojoy
Presented by: Kitten

Admission to this class = a donation to Planned Parenthood and snack or drink to share! This month’s featured coloring book is Oh Joy Sex Toy Sexuality themed coloring pages, colored pencils, crayons, and markers will be provided. The goal is to provide a welcoming space to relax, enjoy the company of friends, and have open, honest conversations about the sexuality issues that affect us on a daily basis. This month’s topic is Sex Toys!…[Read More] 

ecg_heartWed April 19 Wellness Provders Mixer and Show & Tell: Vaginal Orgasmic Difficulty
Do you provide clients with health and wellness advice? Sexploratorium wants to get to know you and recommend your services to our customers! Also, we want you to know what pruducts we what pleasure products we offer that can benefit people specific health challenges. Each month has a different topic! [Read More]

Last Chance to Redeem Your Rewards

Did you shop in our store during 2016 and give us your name? If so, you get 5% back to spend for up to a 50% OFF discount on a purchase (or you may choose to spend 100% of your rewards on our clearance rack of final sale items for FREE merchandise) now through January 31, 2017

Stop by our store or look over our newly unified website to see what you want and need. If you are a member of an organization that is a Sexploratorium Affiliate make sure to mention it to our cashiers you will receive an additional 10% off your entire purchase.

To redeem your rewards in store, simply show our cashier this email or ask to look up your account, and we will apply your rewards to your purchase. If you find merchandise you would like to acquire online, email Kali a link to the item you would like to purchase with your rewards. Kali will email you a Paypal invoice that indicates the final price of your purchase with your rewards applied. Once you pay the invoice, we will ship your order or hold it for pick-up in store for up to 30 days.

**Please note that all 2016 rewards must be redeemed by January 31, 2017 or they are forfeited**

If you have any general questions about rewards, please call or Sexploratorium at 215-923-1398 and we will find you answers.

We wish you only the best in 2017, and are looking forward to seeing you soon!

12 Says of Xxxmas

It’s the naughtiest time of year! Once again, SEXPLORATORIUM will be giving away 1 free gift to 1 lucky *customer each day for the 12 days leading up to XXX-MAS!

With quality brands like Liberator, Tantus and Vamp Silicone toys to choose from, each lucky customer can take home a prize worth up to $199.99

Starting Tuesday December 13th, the 12th customer will win a free gift (choose from either general sexuality or BDSM item)!

On Wednesday the 14th, the 11th in-store customer will win a free gift. Thursday the 15th, the 10th customer will win and so on until the first purchase on XXX-Mas Eve wins (note that we will close at 6pm on December 24)!

The sooner you come in, the more prizes you’ll have to choose from!

Besides this awesome contest, what other Holiday cheer is Sexploratorium whipping up? There is our in- store layaway sale where customers will receive 20% off any remaining balances when they pick up their layaways or special order items by XXXmas eve. SEXPLORATORIUM also provides free gift packaging and gift receipts (that detail our warranties, etc) with each purchase while supplies last. Make sure to keep an eye on the Sexploratorium Facebook page and Sexploratorium Twitter and the Sexploratorium Instagram for flash sales and other promotions this season.

Indulge a Holiday Craving

Crave toys came into our world several years back with their high end body safe duo motor Duet toy, but have more recently expanded their line to include a range of ingenious strategic designer toys like their oral-sex enhancing Vesper or their industrial strength rechargeable Crave Bullet. All body safe, eco-sex friendly and guaranteed to last! What better gift to give than the gifts of pleasure?

DeTails Trunk Show & Weekend with Bo Blaze


Make sure to visit Sexploratorium this Friday and Saturday to shop from an extended collection of impact toys from DetailsToys as well as three classes with Bo Blaze as part of Passion 101 Classes

Please RSVP on Facebook for  Friday Pop-up Shop and Saturday Pop-up Shop

On Fetlife: Make sure to RSVP for the Trunk Show as well as
50 Shades of Curious: BDSM for Beginners- Friday
The DeTails of Flogging-Saturday
Accepting the Demon Within – Saturday

We hope to see you in the shop this weekend!

Sexual Healing: Accessibility & Ergonomic Design

Our current #sexploratoriumwellness topic relates to sex and mobility. We have already introduced  basic categories of items we are recommending for enhanced accessibility: Extended reach, remote control, ergonomic design and positioningLast week, we introduced recommendations for toys that could help extend the reach or provide remote control to allow people with limited mobility to provide pleasure to themselves or partner(s).

This week, we look at the design of specific hands-on pleasure tools that were made to provide ease of grip and control for people who might have trouble holding onto or changing settings on vibrators and other toys.

People with limited mobility can experience difficulty holding onto and  controlling sex toys that are designed for the general population. Old fashioned dildos and vibrators for example, were made of (sometimes toxic) soft rubber materials to look like penises, but did not consider durability or ergonomic design. Often quite plain with difficult to change battery power and breakable dials, these toys were made as disposable items to throw away once used.  Luckily, sexual pleasure product design has come a long way in recent years,  and new generations of options for ergonomically enhanced control and grip now exist that simply did not exist in previous decades.

The Center for sexual Pleasure and Health recommends the following products that have ergonomic design and controls friendly to those with limited finger and hand movement.


Sensuelle Impulse (rechargeable silicone insertable toy with deep vibration and ergonomic handle for easier control with reduced hand stress recommended not just for accessibility and mobility enhancement but also for resolution of orgasmic difficulties and for the management of symptoms associated with cancer, chemo, diabetes, arthritis and fibromyalgia). Tantus Echo w/ Handle (non- vibrating insertable silicone dildo with ergonomic grip-handle also recommended for accessibility, mobility, and management of symptoms related to cancer and chemo)

In addition to these CSPH recommendations, Sexploratorium recommends the following ergonomic pleasure tools :

For External Stimulation:


For Internal Stimulation- .
Sexploratorium recommends many good internal vibrating pleasure tools, but in terms of ergonomic controls and body friendly materials, Fun Factory  makes some of our favorites. One of the innovative groups of Fun Factory motor toys are known as known as  Stronic, Available in a few good shapes the thrusting motions of these toys provide a uniquely primal penetrative sensation. Add to that the ergonomic controls and the ability to recharge  and there is a recipe for multiple types of pleasure that are different from any others that we sell.

For more subtle vibrating penetration, non vibrating toys can be harnessed to a vibrator using the   Strap Cap harness can attach any toy to a wand style vibrator.  Also, the SpareParts LaPalma harness (while they can still be ordered) adds an expanded definition of handiwork.


For Cleanup
Many people do not want to do the clean up chore after sex, which is why condoms and  baby wipes are commonly kept in night stands. For people with limited mobility, this chore is made more difficult, which is why we were tickled to find the Dorr UV toy sanitizer, a simple, low-labor way to clean toys without making a chore of it.



Attn: Educators and Care-providers: If you would like to present your research as part of this column (in a guest column or cross-post), as a guest presenter to other providers, or in a public workshop through our Passion 101 Classes, please email us.

#SexploratoriumWellness  Join the conversation! What topics, products, problems or solutions would you like to see discussed in this column? What do you think of our mission and format? When you provide suggestions, ideas or feedback here or using the #SexploratoriumWellness  hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you will be automatically entered into a raffle to win one of the products recommended in a specific series topic. Winners for a prior topic  will be announced as we introduce the next topic.

Next Week: We will continue to recommend products for people with mobility challenges, with a focus on Positioning.