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Feelin’ Foxy, Lookin’ Foxy!: The Joys of Tail Plugs

While at first glace, a tail butt plug has just one obvious application (pet play), it’s actually a far more versatile toy than that. I discovered this when I recently picked up a Crystal Delights Minx Tail Plug at Sexploratorium, and I was pretty, well…delighted! Not only did I find several different ways to use this toy, but I was really pleased with the quality and features!

The crystal tails from
Crystal delights add a naughty element to any animalistic urges or costumed kinkiness!

Winner of the 2012 AVN Award for “Best Fetish Product of the Year”, the Crystal Delights Minx Tail Plug features a smooth glass plug with an attached tail made of real fur. It’s available in several different furs such as fox (including red, arctic marble, and the black tail I got), lynx, and coyote. They even offer a fluffy pink bunny rabbit tail! The plug itself is deliciously smooth borosilicate glass, durable enough to withstand more than most people think. In fact, Pyrex bake- and cookware is made of a variation of borosilicate, and you know how tough those dishes are! Though available in only one size (3.3″ total length, 2.8″ insertable length, 1.3″ bulb width), it’s a well-chosen size; not too big for people with at least the beginner’s anal play skills down, but large enough for me to keep in place and feel a substantial sensation. It’s heavy enough to know there’s something there, but smooth enough to feel comfortable and friction-free. A little bit of silicone lube helped this plug slide into place easily; I’d suggest using just a little, especially a highly concentrated type like Eros or Pjur, in order to prevent it from getting on the fur. However, Crystal Delights recommends using water-based lube instead, as it comes out of the fur more easily, but it’s really up to you!

But you can do so much more with it than use it as a butt plug! Because glass is temperature reactive, it can be warmed or cooled for a thrilling sensation. Using heated or iced water is a quick way to change the temperature, and the tail can be easily wrapped in plastic so it doesn’t get wet. The fur of the tail can be dragged across skin for a soft and furry sensation. Imagine trying all of those sensations in combination with a blindfold! And if you’re like me and want to get in touch with your animal side, you could flaunt your inner fox (or kitty or wolf or lynx) with this tail, but not everyone likes to walk around with a plug in place. I found an easy solution, though, by placing the plug end into the back of a well-fitting pair of undies. The undies held the plug portion in place externally against the top of my bum, nestled comfortably above my tailbone. I could then walk around with a swishy black fox tail without worry. I even wore it for an entire day at a recent kink convention!

While borosilicate glass is non-porous (and therefore easily wiped clean with soap and water), I would suggest using this plug as a one-person toy, as the fur can’t be disinfected without causing potential damage. As long as there isn’t a problem with that, I didn’t see much in the way of drawbacks to this cute tail. The tail is glued into the base securely enough to stand up to tugging, and the plug is well-shaped and Crystal Delights plugs are always smooth and flawless in my experience.

I’m so happy with my black fox tail! I had been eyeballing it for over a year, and it really lived up to my excitement. Not everyone is a furry (including me, really), but it’s great in so many ways for so many people, whether furries or Leatherpups or sensation play aficionados. I highly recommend checking out this toy in the shop when you can!

Blind Date

There’s no question that blindfolds are wonderful toys to have in your collection. Whether you simply like sex in the dark or you’re interested in light and sensual to heavy BDSM, blindfolds come in handy. For beginners and people who like to occasionally dabble into the world of kink, using a blindfold to restrict sight can heighten the other senses (especially touch) and turn a simple feather or ice cube into a thrilling sensory experience. For heavier players, blindfolds are almost a necessity for play that involves more total sensory deprivation or tease and denial. But the trick is that there are probably hundreds of blindfolds on the market, all wildly different in construction and price. It can be hard to find a really well-made, comfortable blindfold at a low price.

Fortunately, there are blindfolds like the Blind Jockey available. The Blind Jockey is a leather blindfold made by cutting and then folding the material so that the part covering the eyes is almost cup-shaped. The back strap is stretchy elastic that can be adjusted much the same way a bra strap might be, with a piece that can slide back and forth, rather than a buckle. It’s available in black, that ever-popular staple color for BDSM toys, and available in either Small or Large.

Sometimes, a flat blindfold can feel as though it’s being mashed up against the eyes while feeling like it’s not conforming to the curves of the face, allowing light in especially around the nose. The cup-shaped eye portions of the Blind Jockey are wonderful because the person wearing the blindfold can easily open and close their eyes, but without the gaps. It’s a lot more ergonomic. And if someone wears contact lenses or makeup, they can comfortably wear the blindfold without feeling eye irritation or experiencing as much smudging. More eye makeup will stay on the face, and less will end up on the blindfold. And because there aren’t gaps, the blindfold is pitch black on the inside whether the wearer’s eyes are open or closed. It’s even lightly padded to provide some cushion and softness on the inside!

The strap on the back feels more comfortable than buckle-style straps; there’s no dangling strap to get in the way, no buckle to dig into the head, and it’s wide enough to stay put. The stretchy and adjustable elastic of the strap means that one of the two sizes available will comfortably fit nearly everyone. The blindfold can be pulled over the head (and not come undone) and then easily removed with just one hand. Quick, easy, and comfy!

And the best part is that the comfort and ease of this blindfold is also affordable! There are similar blindfolds on the market (albeit with even more features) that are considerably more expensive than this one, but you get all of the basic features of a more expensive blindfold for just under $35 when you buy the Blind Jockey! It’s constructed to be durable, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. The Blind Jockey is a great investment for all kinds of people, and definitely something I’d recommend checking out!

Whipspider’s Ghost Strap-On: The Loving Dead

The Ghost dildo by Whipspider is one of those toys to which people have an interesting reaction the first time they see it. Whether that reaction is shock or excitement, it’s definitely a memorable and eye-catching toy.

Whipspider Rubberworks' Ghost in Tombstone (L) and Red Velvet (R)

A 6-1/8” long and 1-5/8” diameter dildo with a base suitable for a strap-on harness, the Ghost is a uniquely-shaped toy. A mournful silicone skeleton with very detailed bones from head to fingertips, fading into graveyard mist, the Ghost is available in Tombstone (a bluish gray) or Red Velvet (a sanguineous deep red). It even glows in the dark! It’s an interesting toy to watch in use, either on the giving end of a strap-on or watching your partner engage in solo play. And regardless of how unusual it may look, the real surprise is how good it feels! It was such an interesting sensation, it was almost creepy!

The silicone itself is smooth, almost like a pearl, and just the right balance between pliable and rigid. It has just a little give when squeezed or bent out of its curvy sculpted shape, but is hard enough to vigorously thrust. It fits well into a harness, although the base isn’t very much wider than the toy and the bottom of the toy above the base is wider than the top. This means that there may need to be some trial and error with the correct ring size, and sessions will have to be slower and more sensual. With all the texture of the dildo though, slow and sensual may be the way to go anyways!

The Ghost is even available with a cavity in the bottom for a bullet vibe, though Whipspider does caution that without the vibe, the toy may lose some rigidity towards the bottom, another consideration for strap-on use. The best feature about this toy, however, is the texture of the skeleton.

The skull-shaped head is smooth and round on every side but the “face”, which has deep eye sockets as well as a nasal cavity and sculpted teeth. This area of the skull feels pretty amazing tickling and rubbing against the G-Spot (or prostate) while the smoother sides of the head are gliding around the rest of the vagina. The toy is also curved to facilitate G- and P-Spot stimulation. The smooth sides of the head also feel really nice rubbing on the clit and around the opening of the vagina or anus, especially if the area is well-lubed. It feels like a cool, curvaceous “Last Caress” (Gotta throw in a Misfits reference there, folks!). The bones of the skeleton’s body feel just rough enough, almost like ridges or ripples, to give stimulation on sensitive tissue.

The spined back is a lot like a more textured version of the ridge on the underside of a penis, with each vertebrae articulated in silicone. If the texture is too intense, a little extra water-based or oil-based lubricant, especially one with a thicker texture (gel or silk), will do the trick to cut down on friction. And speaking of lube, the deep eye sockets of the skull and the indentations in the sculpted bones catch lube and other fluids, so the toy can sort of trap lube; rather than reapplying more lube, you can just redistribute the lube that is already on the toy. Some may find that this toy is too deeply ridged for their liking when used anally, and some may love that exact feature.

Whipspider Rubberworks is a Maine-based toy company that specializes in nature- and fantasy-inspired silicone pieces. Their line includes products like the Tentacle dildo (reminiscent of an octopus tentacle), Island Explorer anal plug (designed to look like the statues on Easter Island), and other fun and functional shapes that are featured on the shelves of Sexploratorium!

Since each toy is handmade, colors may slightly vary from item to item, but rest assured that their products are all high quality and highly creative!

Avoid using silicone lube with The Ghost and all other silicone toys, as it will render the toy permanently sticky and possibly worse.

Silicone rubber is durable and non-porous, and is easy to clean with soap and water or toy cleaner. It can even be boiled or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Halloween hasn’t as “cum” or gone yet! The Ghost will keep it creepy and creative all year round, providing sensations that are eerily erotic. Take it from me: this toy gives new meaning to having a “boner”!

Philly’s first-ever BDSM Literary Salon April 25th!

In honor of National Poetry Month. Inspired by Paris’ artistic movement circa 1911, in keeping with the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts theme of “artistic experimentation and uninhibited creativity”…

The Erotic Literary Salon and Sexploratorium join forces to produce, for the first time ever in Philadelphia…

The BDSM Literary Salon

Monday, April 25th, 7-9PM
In the Aphrodite Gallery at Sexploratorium
620 S. 5th St. in Philadelphia
FREE Admission, but tickets are limited!

Complimentary refreshments.
Click event title to register in advance
or call Sexploratorium 215-923-1398!

Georges Topfer illustration on a Jean de Virgan book representing a flogging in Ancient Rome

Share your works or those of others, or just come to listen & enjoy. Sexologist Susana Mayer will present a brief discussion and read excerpts from pieces produced during the “golden age” of early 20th century French spanking literature.

Prizes for original “classic-style” BDSM poetry reading!

Discount coupon to Philadelphia’s next Erotic Literary Salon for all who attend!

We LOVE We-Vibe!

We’ve had the We-Vibe 2 at the Sexploratorium for awhile now, and we love it! Our staff has reviewed it, our customers come in looking for it, and we’re big fans! But did you know that We-Vibe has created other fantastic toys: Touch, Tango, and Salsa! These fantastic new products just arrived TODAY and we’re just tingling with excitement!

Like their big sister, We-Vibe 2, the new toys boast some pretty incredible features:

– long-lasting rechargeable battery
– up to 2 hours of play on one charge
– 90-minute rapid recharge
– powerful vibe, whisper-quiet
– waterproof
– discreet and travel-friendly
– simple push button control
– safe for water-based lubricants
– easy soap and water cleanup
– all styles are available in three beautiful, bold colors.



L to R: Touch, Tango, Salsa



The new We-Vibe Touch is a gorgeously sculpted, flexible and soft-to-the-touch sensual massager. It features a rounded tip for ultra-thrilling direct contact, and a unique pleasure wave shape that gently caresses. It’s the ultimate gift of intimate pleasure – share it with your partner or enjoy it alone! Enjoy this 100% medical grade silicone toy right at your fingertips; its 4″ x 1.8″ x 1.2″ size makes it just the right size to let your fingers do the talking.

The new We-Vibe Tango is a compact yet powerful vibe with an elegantly sculpted lipstick shape. It features narrow edges and flat areas for a thrilling variety of solo or shared experiences. In this case, it only takes one to Tango – but two can have a lot of fun! Made of body-safe PC-ABS thermoplastic, the Tango is a svelte 5/8″ x 3″.

The new We-Vibe Salsa is a compact yet powerful update of the traditional mini vibrator. It features a classic rounded tip that offers some truly pleasant surprises! Perfect for sensational solo or shared experiences. Made of body-safe PC-ABS thermoplastic, the Salsa is a trim 5/8″ x 3″.

Stop by and see these little lovelies! We have a feeling that they’re going to be even more popular than the original We-Vibe!

Positively Sexy Videos – ‘It Gets Better’

Dottie Wolf turned us on to this fun, catchy, and inspiring video. We just had to name it as April’s Nominee for our Positively Sexy Video Contest!


Rebecca Drysdale – ‘It Gets Better’



Comedian Rebecca Drysdale created this video in support of the It Gets Better Project. Her candid and funny approach to combating bullying makes this a must-see! Talk about positive!!

Want to nominate your favorite sexy video? Fill out this form, and maybe we’ll feature it in a future post! We are seeking your nomination of music videos of any genre with an erotic theme that are HOT to look at but not disrespectful, sexist or homophobic (or just plain tired). If you have a favorite music video that you would like crowned with our title this year, fill out the form and nominate your song/artist.

This ice never melts…

The weather is slowly getting warmer. Birds are beginning to sing again. Leaves are returning to the trees. The ice is beginning to melt…

Or is it?

With Icicles, you can experience the unique sensation of glass all year round. While glass may seem a bit strange to some of you, we assure you that the properties of glass makes it a fantastic material for insertable toys! It’s smooth which means that you’ll feel almost no friction when you use a good lube, even with textured pieces! It’s nice and hard, which some people think is fantastic (especially for anal insertion)! It’s totally non-porous, which means it can be disinfected with plain soap and water or even boiled to get it extra sanitary! It can be warmed up or cooled down, which makes it pretty fantastic for the warmer months ahead or the cooler months we just left behind us! And it’s got some weight to it, which some people find to be a surprisingly wonderful sensation!

But so many people are concerned that glass pieces are just as fragile as, well…glass. But these pieces are also surprisingly strong! Most glass pieces are made of the same type of glass used to make Pyrex baking dishes, built to withstand extreme changes in temperature, wear and tear, and even being dropped short distances. Naturally, you should check your glass pieces periodically for cracks, chips, and scratches.

Glass pieces are great for all kinds of people, no matter your anatomy. They even work well as massagers! Heated up with warm water and used with massage oil, they’ll work out the kinks in your muscles…and then you can use them to work out other kinks afterwards!

The best part? You can get Icicles pieces for 30% off until April 30!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See these styles (and MORE!) in stock now, but don’t wait until they’re gone with Old Man Winter! Glass pieces by other designers are available as well!