Halloween-Puppies, and Kitties and Ponies O MY!

Ever get jealous of the household pet or prized pony? Kinky canine, kitten and pony play are hugely popular animal roleplay  fetishes and there is little question why…

Socially unacceptable human behaviors like biting, humping, sniffing and the ever popular “doggy style” sex positions are expected and accepted when people explore “puppy headspace” Click on the video below or check out a variety of other  interesting videos exploring the topic to inspire you HERE. 

Philadelphia is a great place to get your doggy on- If you are interested in puppy play, The Bike Stop leather bar has a monthly Philthy Pups mosh (basically a gathering of pups and handlers exploring canine play) every third Saturday of the month as well as other occasional events at Philly Music Hall

Whether you choose to explore these roles in public or private, Sexploratorium offers an entire line of Pup Play Gear which can be combined with other types of role play including Medical play (veterinary visits), bondage (chained dogs) and any/ all type of food play or general Power Exchange.



Feral or domesticated, feline prowess (often feminized, but not necessarily) can range from snuggly kittens drinking milk from a pretty pampered pet bowl and leash prancing (ever heard of herding cats… kittens don’t typically “heel” like dogs), or feral catfighting, scratching, biting and even noisy (playfully) violent sex.

Click on the video below or check out a variety of other  interesting videos exploring the topic to inspire you HERE

Although Philadelphia does not have an active kitten meetup, there are online groups on FetLife and other networks dedicated to this art, and at Sexploratorium we are planning to whip up on a potential private group (max 10 people) human kitty excursion to visit our neighbors at the Kuwaii cat cafe in conjunction with a pet play trunk show @Sexploratorium in the coming months.

Check out Sexploratorium’s collection of Kitty Fetish Goodies: From catsuits to claws, to ears and tails and more!

From pretty show ponies, workhorses, carriage paraders, or pack mules to  mythological companion or wild equine animals like winged horses and unicorns or half human, half horse incarnations…
There is simply something extra enchanting about the power, service, trust, confinement, costume,  choreography and nonverbal communication that invokes the spirit of equine expressions.

Click on the video below or check out a variety of other  interesting videos exploring the topic to inspire you HERE

Although Philadelphia doesn’t have a human pony meetup per se (since the injury of Philly’s pony boy, rides are no longer even offered as part of our previously popular Philly Bachelorette parties) and the Central Park human pony carriage rides in New York city are sadly a thing of the past, there are still pony players in the area like Mistress Zeneca (host of Philly’s Cherry Noir parties) , Adelasia and other experts on the topic! Pony Play still plays a part in many international BDSM scene conventions as well as online,  in Los Angeles, Florida and New Orleans. But our favorite immersive annual public pony event is Camp Crucible, just an hour away from Philadelphia for 10 early summer days each year, where ponies and other equine-inspired “animals” can explore the erotic potential of allowing the spirit of another animal character inhabit their bodies for short or long term.

Sexploratorium carries many of the rubber, leather,vinyl, catsuits, belts, harnesses, rope, blindfolds, bits/gags, reins/leads and headgear to help you experience pony space and other  incarnations like unicorns and more!



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