Unmask Desire @Sexploratorium this Halloween

For children, the American celebration of Halloween involves lots of dressing up and tricking and treating. Once grown-up, many adults find it more appealing to unwind, undress and unmask your secret fantasies during a time of the year where changing shapes and changing roles his excusable and even desirable.

Secret connections
Even at the most muggly costume party, you can keep a secret kinky connection with your partner with remote controlled vibrators , some of which you control by innocently looking at your smart phone app.

Meet “The ghost fucker” Or play Mad Scientist
At a recent Summer Camp event, Midori shared a coveted moment in the corner of the Sexploratorium vending tent with the MyStim electric vibrators that create muscle contractions like all of Sexploratorium’s electro sex products, but this also gives you a buzzing internal vibration!


Unicorn Dream-
Want to have sex with a mythological creature? Or invoke the prowess of  a magical being?

Our mothership store PASSIONAL features  bodystockings that combine nicely with Sexploratorium’s collection of body jewelry



Forbidden Fetishes
From chastity and cuckolding to objectification are not nearly so scary when your local sex club is having a Halloween party.

Tattle Tails –
Unleash (or collar) your animal instincts with sex-cessories that put you in the headspace of another species. From simple kitten ears, and leashes, to plug and play tails and  playful pet accessories that can only help you do like they do on the discovery channel.

Head trips – Hoods are just masks that envelop your head, hiding your identity and confining your skull in  a leather or latex scented bag that says “executioner” or “gimp” or “rubberist”

Bound for pleasure
One advantage of Halloween is that nobody will blink if you are bound in public. From Strait Jackets to decorative tapes and wraps that can create costumed characters, Sexplorers will love the gear we got for ya!

Cops and Robbers
Whether your fantasies include a prisoner of war interrogation or simple inescapable bondage, both PASSIONAL Boutique & Sexploratorium have the proper attire and props for the scene! From PASSIONAL Miliatary accessories like hats and uniform styled fashions to Sexploratorium’s collection of handcuffs and tools for punishment and pleasure, we cannot think of a better excuse than Halloween to enact these scenarios!

Adulting? No thanks!
Not every grown up wants to adult in their spare time. Some might want to experiment with playing in a childlike manner. Sexploratorium’s Age Playcollection is just what the nanny ordered!

If your idea of a perfect Halloween night is to lay around in a comfy oneszie and suck on a binky, there is no reason not to indulge!

Need more inspiration? Visit Sexploratorium and chat with our educators and stylists to plan your fantasy down to the explicit details… No matter your body shape or size or physical condition, Sexploratorium can help you discover and explore fantasy and pleasurable experiences this Halloween or anytime!

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