Real Vibration Review

This review is for the Marc Dorcel 8.5″ Real Vibration Vibrator

The RealVibe is a real good deal that is right on the money

The RealVibe -right on the money

The Real Vibrations M is a great bang for your buck at a mere $39.99. It’s a quiet and unassuming toy, with a simple design and only two buttons. The controls are easy to work and there are seven different speed settings; I worried that it would not be very powerful, but was pleasantly surprised by how strong the vibe settings got. While the design is not as ‘realistic’ as the company claims, once inserted it hardly matters. At a significant 8.7 inch length and 1.5 inch diameter, I felt my ‘size queen’ tendencies fairly well indulged without me feeling completely stuffed.

The toy runs on two AA batteries, so vibrator users should double-check that they have a size up from their standard AAAs. The material is a great soft-touch silicone, so it doesn’t pick up much lint from being hidden in my sock drawer. It comes in hot pink or a caramel-y, fleshy tone, which is a slight draw-back (I wish there were more color options, like black or blue), but again, once inserted it hardly makes a difference.

All in all, a very worthwhile buy. 10/10 would recommend.


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