What is Bioshield 75?

We recently got toy storage bags called Sugar Saks which are infused with Bioshield 75 so here’s a short bit about what exactly what that means.

Basically, this is an antimicrobial technology that bonds to a surface and kills germs on contact. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and other microorganisms on almost any surface. Unlike other disinfectants that may only last for a few minutes, Bioshield 75 can last for up to 90 days and sometimes longer.

How it works via science, according to http://www.germshield.co.nz/bio-shield-75/:
>The Germ Shield molecule bonds permanently to surface or textile via covalent bonds.
>The long molecular chain with lipid fats acts like a sword and forms a microscopic ‘bed of nails’ on the surface.
>Positively charged nitrogen attracts the microbes to the surface.
>The tiny swords pierce the cell membrane of microbe upon contact. The membrane is destroyed by electrically pulling ions out and denaturing proteins.
>The swords are not damaged and continue to shield the surface from germs, attracting, piercing and killing future microorganisms.

In conclusion, Bioshield 75 is a series of badass bacteria-fighting-microscopic swords.

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