Looking for a hands-free couples vibe?

eva dame

Eva is a hands-free silicone clitoral vibe that is held in place within the labia majora with little flexible silicone arms. It has three steady vibration speeds– low, medium, and high. It is built to stay in place during penetrative sex with a partner. It’s recommended not to put lube around the area where Eva is placed, so that it is less likely to slip out of place. A great position to use with this vibe is the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) which is like missionary, but after inserting the penis, the person on top adjusts by moving the pelvis forward so that both people’s hips are aligned, allowing for bottom of the shaft of the penis to rub against the clit (or in this case, apply pressure to hold Eva in place over the clit).

Pros: strong vibrations, rechargeable, smooth and soft silicone, easy to turn on/off with only three speeds, cute as heck

Cons: May require a finger to hold in place while changing positions, not ideal for all sex positions, does not fit all body types, not waterproof

Alternate uses: try using with legs closed to hold it in place, use as an external vibe by fitting fingers under the flexible arms, use as a panty vibe by wearing in underwear

Recommended for: Someone who wants to try a hands-free vibe with a partner, someone who doesn’t care for a million vibration patterns, someone who likes a steady vibration, someone with larger or more prominent labia

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