Pillow Talk with Rebekah and Trevor: Interview


Rebekah and Trevor are North Carolina based sex educators who will be teaching Pillowtalk – The Art of Sexual Communication Intro, Saturday October 10th 7-9pm

For more information on Rebekah and Trevor’s class, visit our blog.
and buy tickets here:
Eventbrite - Pillowtalk - The Art of Sexual Communication Intro with Rebekah Beneteau and Trevor Jones

Who are you? What makes you a unique educator? What is your professional/lifestyle

Trevor is a Tantric Shaman, who combines his passions for philosophy, nature-based spirituality,
polyamory and BDSM to assist individuals in claiming their own unique sexuality. He works with both
men and women leading them out of the boxes of conditioning and limitation, into their fullest self-love
and orgasmic potential. Armed with a degree in Philosophy and an inquisitive mind, Trevor has built a
practice based on Love, Non-Judgmental acceptance and an open mind.  His independent studies have
taken him through Tantra, Shamanism, Wiccan and Pagan studies, Psychology, Art and Sociology. All
facets of humanity can be seen as an extension of the Inner Self. Investigation of these topics is a study of
the human condition and can lead to revelations in personal Truths.

How did you first become introduced to and interested in your topic? Were there any
setbacks/problems in your practice that affect how you teach this subject?
I benefited from my father owning an extensive library and being someone of an inquisitive
nature himself.  At a young age, I was already asking the same questions that plagued
philosophers and theologians for centuries.  In my practice, my biggest setback has been
finding that Truth can only be received by those ready to hear it.

How and why did you end up teaching these subjects, skills, and/or techniques?
It has been said that we teach what we wish to know.  As I increased my knowledge and skills in
the areas of Sex and Spirituality I chose to share them with others.  I learned that ignorance of
the very possibilities that existed was rampant.  I chose to teach those willing to learn. As
Socrates said, “An unexamined life isn’t worth living.”

How many times have you presented these classes before? Feedback? Testimonials?
The particular classes in this packet have been successfully taught at workshops, festivals and
classes around the Asheville, NC area. We have gotten great feedback as well as invites to
extend our practice to other cities.

Who is your primary audience for your classes?
Our ‘audience’ is broad.  Anyone can benefit from freeing themselves of judgement and shame,
which are barriers to intimacy, as well as improving their communication skills.

Which are your preferred teaching methods and/or techniques?
Our teaching methods cross over a multitude of paradigms. We give lecture, facilitate
experiential labs and do hands on body work, all dependent on the skill level of the participants
and the nature of each class.

What do you love most about teaching?

Seeing a student expand, both their mind and spirit with the knowledge they’ve received.
Watching someone transform into a happier and more accepting self.

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