VibeRite gets the Vibe Right

Vibe rite massagerThe VibeRite cordless massager from KinkLab is a great addition to anybody’s toybox, and I would recommend it especially for folks who have tried a few vibrators before and are looking to step it up with something more powerful.

Modeled after the classic Magic Wand (formerly known as Hitachi), the VibeRite employs both the familiar shape and power of the Magic Wand, but steps it up with a 7-speed control dial, a silicone head, and a rechargeable cordless design.

Less expensive and more versatile than the plug-in Magic Wand, the Vibe-Rite gets it right!

I’m a big fan of the control dial on the VibeRite, I think that’s the one feature that really makes this wand special for me. I owned a Magic Wand before getting the VibeRite and prefer to use the VibeRite because I have much more control over the power. Unlike the Magic Wand that has just high and low settings, the VibeRite wand lets you switch between 7 different speeds at the twist of a dial. This means you can start out super low at the first speed and gradually increase up to the highest speed when you’re ready for it; the highest speed on the VibeRite is almost comparable to the “low” setting on the Magic Wand.

I found that with the Magic Wand, starting out on “low” is often too jarring for me and tends to result in a “shock” to my bits that leaves me numb and frustrated. The VibeRite, however, lets me start out low and work up to a higher speed when I need it which almost always leads to orgasm for me. The VibeRite is lighter than the Magic Wand which makes it much more comfortable to use for longer amounts of time. The head is silicone, which means its non-porous and easy to clean and more hygienic if you are sharing it between partners.

The head of the VibeRite is the exact same shape and size as the Magic Wand so any insertable attachment for the Magic Wand will also work with the Vibe Rite, making it a versatile toy for g-spot or prostate play as well. The rechargeable cordless design is super convenient, and eliminates the Magic Wand’s awkward cord tangle when you’re getting busy. Since it can operate cordless, it’s also great for travel.

Overall, the VibeRite offers versatility in terms of use and function, but with a slight sacrifice in terms of power. For me, I don’t miss the extra power that the Magic Wand offers, especially because I never needed it anyway.

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