A New Year’s crop of educational titles

Winter is a perfect time to explore indoor sport- and sex is high on the lists of people from all walks of life, in multiple types of relationship structures, and  with diverse anatomies, orientations and identities.

In order to enhance access to materials designed for diverse audiences, Sexploratorium has recently partnered with independent publisher Nazca Plains to diversify our educational resources. Nazca Plains has worked with queer, kink, pansexual and leather educators from far and wide to create educational books, workbooks and videos on topics of sexual technique, non-traditional relationships, risk-aware kink play as well as general health and pleasure.

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Above are just a few of the titles you find us selling in-store or at conventions, but we are stocking every title Nazca Plains publishes, so do not be afraid to ask in store or at trade shows for work by your favorite educator or on any topic.

We hope to bring many of these instructors into Philadelphia in the near future so that you can learn from them personally as part of our Passion 101 sexuality education program, but in the meantime check out these written and video works, look for many of the authors at some of the many conventions or festivals where Sexploratorium sells products (usually along with our sister store PASSIONAL Boutique)

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