REVIEW: Vixen Creations Bandit

The Vixen Creations Bandit Silicone Dildo is hard not to like – it feels sexy just to take it out of the package. It’s got 7” of length, a fat diameter of 1.5”, flattened balls at the base, and a well-shaped curvy head. Light veining adds realism to the length. Like other cocks made of Vixskin, it looks and feels like a flesh-and-blood penis, but the Bandit is always up for fun.


I suited up with Bandit snug in my Spareparts Tom Boi harness. He’s a big package, and a little much to try to pack in your pants for spontaneous play, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. After a pleasant evening, my partner’s curious hands pulled the Bandit out of my shorts, and her enthusiastic reaction told me I’d chosen the right tool for the job.

Bandit’s soft, curved head makes entry smooth, though its girth did necessitate a generous addition of lube. The core of the dildo is harder silicone for minimal floppiness, but I did find myself guiding my way with my hand at the base of the shaft, especially when changing positions. Bandit has plenty of length for long, deep thrusting. The base of the balls pushed comfortably against my body with every thrust, and I can say confidently that this piece was built for both partners’ pleasure. I’ve played with a number of other Vixen dildos, and this was my favorite – the length, the girth, and the comfort of the balls were all perfect for me. Bandit gave me plenty to work with from every angle.


bandit colors

This and most other Vixskin silicone toys can be boiled for full sterilization or washed with soap and water – they’re nonporous and very easy to keep clean. When my partner and I were finished having fun, I just tossed the cock in the dishwasher and headed to bed. This is a highly recommended toy!

written for Sexploratorium by an anonymous user

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