REVIEW: JimmyJane Afterglow Massage Candle

I have always been a fan of wax, fire, and massages, but the JimmyJane Afterglow Candle is my favorite combination of all three.

This designer brand massage candle comes in four scents: Pink Lotus, Dark Vanilla, Cucumber Water, and Bourbon.  Unlike some other massage candles, which tend toward the  overwhelming, sickeningly sweet or simply bland, the Afterglow scents are delicate yet sophisticated.  It was a tough choice–the Cucumber Water is a barely-there, clean scent with light fruity notes; the Bourbon does not smell like a night out on the town but rather smoky and woody with a caramel finish, much like cake.  I ended up choosing the Pink Lotus candle: an intricate blend of deep, heady floral scents that aren’t too sweet.

The candle itself burns for up to 32 hours, and has a low melting point– comfortable enough for direct application to skin, but don’t leave it out in the sun or near a heater!  Besides that, there aren’t any other notable downsides.  It smells lovely while it burns and creates the perfect atmosphere for romance, and after about a half hour the paraben-free and  wax blend liquefies into a high-slip massage oil.  The clean design of the ceramic jar features a small spout for easy, spillproof pouring directly onto the skin. When it touches the skin, it is certainly warm and  might be surprising  to some, but not so hot that you feel any sort of pain.  I found it especially nice on one particularly chilly night!  Although it’s richer in feel and composition than silicone based massage products, it has a similar slipperiness that hydrates like body butter. Also, since this is an oil, folks should know that it isn’t latex-safe (it will break down condoms) and shouldn’t be used as an internal lubricant!
My experience with the Afterglow candle left me feeling warm, tingly, and massaged…and I loved that I didn’t have to put perfume on to leave the house afterwards!  This is definitely my favorite candle.



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