The Private vs. Public Halloween Party

Halloween seems like natural time to explore fantasies with a partner-  a season where cold weather, long nights and an American Holiday widely celebrated as an opportunity to disregard social taboos combine to create a portal to the dark imaginings of the human psyche. We came up with a list of suggestions to help you “dress up” your body and your sex life, or undress after or instead of transforming into a costumed creature of the night.

Secret Toy Suprise. Why not wear a remote-controlled toy like the rechargeable Lelo models underneath your costume during parties or even without a costume out to dinner?

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Explore Exhibitionism Once the kids have collected candy, grown-ups can party in any number of adult venues like bars, nightclubs and even sex clubs. On Halloween, you can pretty much do what you like (with the consent of partners, when it comes to activities). Try these experiences–

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Naughtier than naked.  Bondage tape and vet wrap (and even colored saran/pallet wraps or duct tapes) can be used as surrogate clothing with a little extra bondage appeal.

Erotic Art- Most jurisdictions in the USA require that genitals and nipples be clothed, but “clothing” is up to interpretation. Liquid Latex gives the appearance of clothing on a body that might otherwise be bare.Liquid latex body paint is a great way to decorate your lover’s body or to paint on surrogate clothing and parade them around in public

Dayglow Haze- This kit features blacklight reactive body paint to make (female) nipples street/ nightclub legal or to play with at home!

Dayglow Haze- This kit features blacklight reactive body paint to make (female) nipples street/ nightclub legal or to play with at home!

Explore  roleplay. Exploring basic roles like Dominant/ submissive (D/s) and Bondage and Discipline (B&D) can be done without shame on Halloween. If you are curious about playing romantic characters or improvising with power dynamics, Halloween is a time where folks by leashes, riding crops and gimp masks (hoods) by the dozen so that they can strut their kinky alter egos at parties and out on the street.

Extreme roleplay is not taboo during Halloween season. If you have fantasized about being an animal, a child (or even a baby), a straitjacketed hospital patient, shackled servant or other wild fantasy, each autumn brings you another chance to go over the top in public or in private! Tail plugs like the waggly puppy tail, or the sexy fox (matching ear barrettes available) can add to any character you like, as well as “littles” (child roleplay) like adult size diapers and ruffled plastic pants. 

‘Tis the season, to Sexplore– go forth and find pleasure!

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