REVIEW: Luna Beads by LELO

This modern version of the famous Ben Wa balls are great for building up strength in the vagina and PC muscles through Kegel exercises and regular daily activity. The beads are made out of non-porous acrylic and silicone so they are body safe and can be cleaned easily. This was my first time using a product like this, and I was pleased with the experience and results!

There are two color coded sets of beads that come in the kit; two pink beads (weighing 28 grams each, or roughly 1oz) and two blue balls (weighing 37 g each, 1.3 oz). There is a little silicone “harness” that holds two beads together as well. They can be worn singularly or with two at a time, which creates a variety of weight combinations that can be used.

They basically work through a smaller ball inside the larger bead moving around as you go about your daily business. The action of the ball moving around forces your muscles to contract and adjust to the shifting weight. To start off, I tried just one of the lighter pink balls before moving to two pink balls every day for approximately an hour for one week, then switched to the blue set. I did notice a VERY subtle vibration while wearing the beads. This was caused by the smaller ball rattling inside the casing. This isn’t something that can be easily heard outside of the body, but it can certainly be felt by the wearer if they are paying attention. I didn’t find it arousing since it was so minimal, but it was a soothing kind of vibration.

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The beads are a little large* so insertion was not the easiest task, but with a drop of water based lube everything went smoothly! Despite their size, they are so comfortable that I barely noticed the beads after insertion! It felt slightly more cumbersome than a tampon, but still did not interfere with normal functioning. I could easily forget that I had them in. One of each pink and blue bead are designated for singular use with a cotton blend string, and the harness has a silicone strand that remains outside of the vagina for easy removal just like a tampon.

While it can be difficult to measure vaginal and PC muscle strength, I believe that mine have improved over the past few weeks. It’s now easier to use other heavier toys that are held with the vaginal muscles like my Feeldoe, so it was a good test to see if that became any easier…and I noticed that it did! The only problem with the beads that I personally encountered was that I was not able to urinate while they were in. I think the pressure from the balls on my urethra made it difficult, but I’m not sure if this would be a universal experience. Overall, I would recommend the Luna beads and look forward to seeing the results of their long term use! The beads come with a detailed users’ manual that indicates results won’t be noticed for up to 12 weeks. I have been using mine for about 4 weeks and they are already beginning to do their job!

* LELO now offers a Mini version of the Luna Beads, featuring beads of a slightly smaller diameter, designed for those with smaller vaginal diameters or who have not experienced childbirth. Both versions are available for sale at Sexploratorium.

Written by an anonymous contributor.

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