The Joy of Oral Restraint.

How do we love gags? Let us count the ways! With an ecclectic array of oral restraints available, from affordable to extravagant, gags fill a variety of fantasies!

Why gag?

Restraining the mouth is just one way to play with a sensitive part of the human body, whether it is only partial restriant (i.e. rope tied through the lips) that allows access to the tongue, gums and lips for sensation play with clips, clamps or body parts or full inflatable mouthpieces that can be filled with warm or cool water for temperature play. Teasing the mouth is not dissimilar to teasing a partner’s anus or genitals or ears- all are sensitive areas that don’t often get touched. All partners engaging in this sort of play must be hyper aware of the potential risks (see warning, below).

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Filling an orifice is a penetrative sex act all by itself. The feeling of “fullness” is sexy to many people in any erogenous zone, which technically can include the entire body (many bondage enthusiasts enjoy earplugs and noseplugs or hooks, but that is another article entirely).

It has been said that silence is golden, and gags can definitely induce a silent meditative state.  By removing the impulse, stress and (sometimes) interference of speech, both dominant and submissive partners can focus on other elements of a physical or mental fantasy. Creation of non-verbal safety signals (stomping the foot, humming a song, snapping the fingers, etc.)is an important precautionary technique used in this type of play for this reason.

Mouth bondage induces lubrication. It is true that the drooling that can be triggered by placing an object or body part in someone’s mouth is a fetish all by itself. All that juicy proof that hunger exists!

Roleplay can be enhanced using gags. We have some amazing off-the-hook styles (or on the hook) like the humiliator gag  and the funnel gag that integrate seamlessly into service roles, bondage and discipline scenes, and advanced forced ingestion or embarrassment play scenes!

Gags enhance a sense of helplessness. If your partner enjoys the sensation of helplessness and fear based fantasies, gags (especially styles with a mouthguard that more or less prevent “talking around” the gag, can make them feel extra helpless, often to highly pleasurable, even orgasmic effect!

Gags can provide support and relief for endurance and intense sensations. the act of biting down can make orgasmic and other extreme sensations more pleasurable  or in some cases, bearable.

WARNING: Gagging can be dangerous. Gags or the drool that  is a by product of using them can be a choke hazard. Make sure to educate yourself on the necessary precautions depending upon what you have planned. Creating a nonverbal safety signal, engaging in multiple check ins to assure the bottom is functionally breathing and choosing the proper equipment to suit the needs of the person wearing the gag are key elements of which to be mindful!

There is still time to get a same day ticket to Ava’s class by calling Sexploratorium 215-923-1398 or coming in before 7PM to get your ticket, but even if you cannot make it to tonight’s class, check out some highlights from the current gag selection in our BDSM department:

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