Review: Je Joue Mimi

The rechargeable Mimi vibrator by Je Joue is sleek, powerful and perfectly pocket sized. Je Joue calls it a “perfect first toy,”  but this toy can be enjoyed by anyone no matter how big or small your toybox is. product_image_ mimi

It comes in a discrete black box tied with a ribbon, perfect for storage of the toy and charger. The vibrator uses a magnetic charger that plugs directly into the wall and attaches to the plus and minus controls on the bottom of the toy.  This is a great toy for travel because it can be easily and discretely packed without having to worry about batteries.

There are five different levels of vibrations followed by five different pulsation settings that can be cycled through by pushing the plus button at the base of the toy. The lowest vibration set is very rumbly so it is a less harsh type of vibration . While this is designed as a clitoral vibrator, it is also great to use on the nipples or perineum. The buttons are flattened along the bottom curve of the toy, perhaps making it slightly difficult to press, but this is the only downside to this gem. The flattened egg shape fits perfectly into the palm of the hand, making it great to use with a partner because it can be held in place without interfering with other play. There’s also a rounded tip  perfect for lighter or more direct sensation.The outside is coated in silicone, but it is a soft silky texture that doesn’t get sticky. Silicone lubes aren’t recommended for silicone toys, so please use a water based lube! Mimi can be cleaned with soap and water or your favorite. Unlike similar rechargeable toys, Mimi is completely waterproof so you can bring it into the tub! Don’t let this toy’s small size fool you, it is really powerful! And plus, Mimi is less expensive than many of its rechargeable counterparts, which makes it all that much sweeter. Mimi reminds us that good things come in small packages!

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