Knocking Socks Off: Testicular Cancer Awareness Week

We here at the Sexploratorium News Desk were more than pleasantly amused when the newest of NSFW social media trends crossed our path last week: the Instagram and Twitter hashtag #CockInASock.

Bevies of gents doffed their clothes with naught but a lone sock covering their naughty bits and posed for their own cameras, sending the Internet abuzz and all in the name of testicular cancer awareness!

Check out the photos that started this trend!

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April 1st -7th was Testicular Cancer Awareness Week, yet organizations like the TC Awareness Society are dedicating the entire month to promoting education and consciousness about this disease, which is mostly detected in those between the ages of 15-35.  While the vast majority of these organizations cater to the education of cisgendered men,  all persons who have testicles (including transwomen and gender nonconforming people) should be aware of their risks, and what to look for. Self-examination is the first line of defense against this highly  treatable disease, with survival rates of up to 95% or higher if caught early.

In order to further the cause of Testicular Cancer awareness, Sexploratorium will be donating a percentage of cock ring sales for the month of April to the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. Here’s to knocking those socks off (and knocking cancer out)!




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