An Ace In The Hole! : Tantus Ace Plug Review

The Ace is a small butt plug from Tantus, a company well known for its quality and wide range of available toys. It is in the shape of (you guessed it!)  an ace and can come in either black or iridescent purple which is super fun and appealing! This little guy is made of 100% platinum silicone, as are all of Tantus’ toys, and comes with a year guarantee. With proper care (like not using silicone lubricant and washing or boiling for sterilization), the Ace will last you a lifetime.

The unassuming Ace is proof that a lot of fun can come in small packages!

I acquired this plug because even though I have some experience with anal toys, I wanted to start with something small, specifically for double penetration. The Ace was exactly what I wanted. Its small size created a  sensation of fullness without being so much that it got in the way or distracted from any other stimulation. The shape of the Ace also made it very easy to keep in during all activities; whether it be oral, double penetration (depending on the body), or just going about your daily business! The base of the Ace is also large enough to never have to worry about losing the plug but not so big that it is uncomfortable for casual wear!

The Ace is also a great toy for total beginners at anal play of any kind.  The silicone is silky smooth with the perfect combination of firmness and flexibility for easy and comfortable insertion.  At its widest,  the Ace is only 1.3″ in diameter…certainly not too intimidating!  It is also a great warm up toy for when the goal is something a bit more girthy!

All around, the Ace is as perfect as you can get for an anal toy of its size. No matter your experience level, you should get one because the fun with this one is undeniable!

-Anonymous Reviewer

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