The Hometown Beat: Paddles by Drew Lynford

Here at The Sexploratorium, we pride ourselves on carrying uniquely crafted, high quality BDSM toys– and we comb through many potential designers to find the few we truly call artisans. One of our newest members to that fold is Drew Lynford, maker of exquisite and unique wooden paddles.

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Lynford is a hometown kind of guy– all of his beautiful designs are conceived and formed right here in Philadelphia and all of the wood used is Pennsylvania lumber sourced out of Boothwyn, PA. Even more exceptional than the wholly local origins of these pieces is the craftsmanship of each. Designs range from simple elegance to true showpieces– a gorgeous and surprising addition to a toy bag and certainly worthy of wall mounting!

As he expands on his time in his workshop, Lynford plans to be able to offer custom work for a truly more personal touch to your not-so-gentle caresses! Whether you crave Curly Maple or have a passion for Purpleheart, Lynford’s designs are sure to satisfy your aesthetic desires.

Available exclusively at Sexploratorium!

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