Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women

I don’t usually seek out pornography, but I absolutely love erotic fiction. It’s people’s fantasies, what they have taken the time to conjure up in their heads and write down for others to enjoy. Some of it may be from actual experience, but most of the time it’s people’s imaginations at work. I’m a very imaginative person, and would rather create the images in my head than see it happening in front of me. Lust is a prime example of how we, the reader, can have our imagination run rampant.

At first glance, Lust seemed like it was going to be a bit of a bore, but then I read the first story and immediately had to keep reading. The way all of these ladies write is impeccable and every one of the short tales hits you right to the core, making your insides go outright mushy. The 17 stories fit the title of this little enticing novel to the T, and some even make you want to reenact them.

The one thing that I noticed about all of the tales is that the women depicted in the pages are the ones calling all the shots. Even in the stories where they’re being dominated. The book is titled: “Erotic Fantasies for Women,” and they are definitely for women. The ladies are in charge in these stories. The authors make sure the reader knows that women are the ones who should come first…literally.

I love it when women write erotic fiction because they actually take the time to think of a plot, develop characters, and devise a back-story of some kind. I enjoy reading novels and prefer to read a little about who is going to be having lusty sex rather than just reading lusty sex. I’m not a fan of smut porn, and Lust is certainly not that. There are a few stories in this book that border on smut, but they’re so full of ardor that, from a woman’s perspective, they could never be filthy. There’s romance and possibility and passion and heat, so much that I actually had to put this novel down while I was riding the subway.

I also love that the stories have plots that could actually happen. The few porn videos that I have seen could have never turned me on the same way these lusty writings did because the scenes were acted poorly and the plot was utterly boring. But the plots depicted in this book (my favorite being an IT guy who gets caught up in lust with a new coworker) are things that could actually happen in real life. Illustrating plots that actually make sense, and that are full of vehemence, is what keeps this book interesting and one that is very difficult to put down.

The best thing about this book, though, is the language. The stories are written so eloquently and intelligently. It’s not quite romantic language, but it definitely makes you think about how you could perceive it as pornography. The way these women write is certainly enticing, where after each page you have to know what happens next. It’s nowhere near crude, and makes this book very easy to read, which, as I stated earlier, makes it difficult to put down.

The only thing that turned me off in the slightest, because of personal aversion, was all the exhibitionism. But if you enjoy steamy sex in public, then Lust is right up your alley. Other than that, I can honestly say that this book was a fantastic read, and I will be recommending it to everyone and anyone who is looking for steamy, sexy erotic fiction.

Audra Phillips

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