Saddle up with the RodeoH!

Anybody who enjoys incorporating strap-on play in their sex lives knows there’s nothing worse than having to fumble with straps and buckles and stopping to readjust when in the heat of the moment- there’s simply no time for that! Enter the RodeoH harness: a breath of fresh air for those frustrated with standard harnesses. The RodeoH, available at the Sexploratorium in boy-brief and boxer brief styles, stands out as a simple, comfortable, and sexy alternative to strappy jock-strap and thong-style harnesses.  With no buckles to adjust, nylon straps that just won’t stop slipping in the middle of…things, and materials that chafe, pinch, and leave you sore, your body (and probably your partner!) will thank you.

These babies slip on like your favorite pair of undies, meaning you can wear them under your clothing all day and be ready for action at any time. Each RodeoH harness contains a sewn-in O-ring that accommodates toys up to 1 ¾” in diameter. Slip your toy of choice into the sewn-in pouch and through the O-ring and you’re ready to ride! If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can slip a silver bullet vibrator into the pouch and provide the wearer with pleasurable vibrations.

When I took home my RodeoH boxer briefs I couldn’t wait to try them on, and boy were they comfy! I had a hard time figuring out what size I wanted, since RodeoH uses odd sizing for their products. They use “hip” measurements, starting at 23”-24” for their smallest size and going up to 39”-41” for their largest size.  RodeoH’s sizing is disappointing to say the least, since their size run doesn’t seem to be accommodating to those with larger bodies.  It appears as if the company has taken some positive steps to become more accommodating however, as some of their styles now accommodate up to 55” hips.  I went with the 25”-26” boxer-briefs even though my hip measurement is about 29”, since it is recommended that you size down with the boxer-brief style. The RodeoH boxer-briefs were definitely more snug than the boxer-briefs I normally wear, but I wanted them to be snug enough to allow me more control over my toy.

On my first trial with the harness, I was incredibly disappointed with the results. I paired the harness with the Vixskin Bandit dildo, which is a 7 ¼” dildo with a 1 ¾” diameter.  It fit in the harness fine, but was way too heavy for the harness to accommodate.  It flopped over and caused the waistband of the boxer briefs to roll and droop down and was an all-around mess.  Obviously, this experience was incredibly frustrating for me, as I had zero control over my cock; however, RodeoH explicitly states that their harness is designed to accommodate smaller toys, measuring 5-6” in length and 1 ½-2” in diameter and I just ignored this information. The Vixskin Bandit is a large and heavy toy, so it’s unsurprising that it was a complete failure in the RodeoH harness. I had all but given up on the RodeoH until recently when I thought I’d give it another go with a toy that more or less fits the recommended dimensions RodeoH provided. Lo and behold, it worked like a charm on my second try. The RodeoH boxer briefs paired with the Vixskin Mustang is nothing but a match made in heaven.  I had complete control over my cock and experienced none of the drooping waistband and floppy-toy syndrome I had with my first RodeoH test drive.

The RodeoH harness has a few minor downsides.  As the O-ring is sewn into the harness, it is not stretchy, and cannot be replaced with a larger ring to accommodate a toy with more girth.  Additionally, the harness is made of thin cotton and is definitely more flimsy than sturdier harnesses designed to fit a variety of cocks in all shapes and sizes- this harness definitely won’t stand up to rough romps. All in all, the RodeoH is a solid choice for strap-on beginners, those who are looking for a simple and comfortable harness, and those who want to add a little masculine flair in the bedroom.  It is also a great choice for transgender individuals and gender explorers who are looking for a secure and comfortable way to wear a packer- just slip your packer in the sewn-in pouch and you’re good to go! Plus let’s face it- the RodeoH is just downright sexy. Ride on, cowboi!

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