Religious Sex: Kink & Christianity

1 Corinthians 13:4 …Love suffers long…

In a world where religion and sexuality are seen as opposing forces, a refreshing voice sings a unique and open truth from the City of Philadelphia. Reverend Beverly Dale, also known as Rev Bev, is the creator of an online video series called Sex is Good whose monthly installment focuses on kinky sexual expression this November (see below)

This Thursday, November 15th, 7pm, Rev Bev will be at Sexploratorium presenting Sexuality and Christianity: Keeping the sexy without losing the faith Advance tickets are on sale now!

This class will be presented just prior to the kickoff of Diabolique Ball weekend, which just happens to be Religion-themed. This year’s ticket proceeds will benefit Philadelphia Search and Rescue as well as One Step Away newspaper.

Rev Bev stopped by Sexploratorium and PASSIONAL Boutique a few weeks ago to borrow items for her newest video.
Check it out below:

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