Feelin’ Foxy, Lookin’ Foxy!: The Joys of Tail Plugs

While at first glace, a tail butt plug has just one obvious application (pet play), it’s actually a far more versatile toy than that. I discovered this when I recently picked up a Crystal Delights Minx Tail Plug at Sexploratorium, and I was pretty, well…delighted! Not only did I find several different ways to use this toy, but I was really pleased with the quality and features!

The crystal tails from
Crystal delights add a naughty element to any animalistic urges or costumed kinkiness!

Winner of the 2012 AVN Award for “Best Fetish Product of the Year”, the Crystal Delights Minx Tail Plug features a smooth glass plug with an attached tail made of real fur. It’s available in several different furs such as fox (including red, arctic marble, and the black tail I got), lynx, and coyote. They even offer a fluffy pink bunny rabbit tail! The plug itself is deliciously smooth borosilicate glass, durable enough to withstand more than most people think. In fact, Pyrex bake- and cookware is made of a variation of borosilicate, and you know how tough those dishes are! Though available in only one size (3.3″ total length, 2.8″ insertable length, 1.3″ bulb width), it’s a well-chosen size; not too big for people with at least the beginner’s anal play skills down, but large enough for me to keep in place and feel a substantial sensation. It’s heavy enough to know there’s something there, but smooth enough to feel comfortable and friction-free. A little bit of silicone lube helped this plug slide into place easily; I’d suggest using just a little, especially a highly concentrated type like Eros or Pjur, in order to prevent it from getting on the fur. However, Crystal Delights recommends using water-based lube instead, as it comes out of the fur more easily, but it’s really up to you!

But you can do so much more with it than use it as a butt plug! Because glass is temperature reactive, it can be warmed or cooled for a thrilling sensation. Using heated or iced water is a quick way to change the temperature, and the tail can be easily wrapped in plastic so it doesn’t get wet. The fur of the tail can be dragged across skin for a soft and furry sensation. Imagine trying all of those sensations in combination with a blindfold! And if you’re like me and want to get in touch with your animal side, you could flaunt your inner fox (or kitty or wolf or lynx) with this tail, but not everyone likes to walk around with a plug in place. I found an easy solution, though, by placing the plug end into the back of a well-fitting pair of undies. The undies held the plug portion in place externally against the top of my bum, nestled comfortably above my tailbone. I could then walk around with a swishy black fox tail without worry. I even wore it for an entire day at a recent kink convention!

While borosilicate glass is non-porous (and therefore easily wiped clean with soap and water), I would suggest using this plug as a one-person toy, as the fur can’t be disinfected without causing potential damage. As long as there isn’t a problem with that, I didn’t see much in the way of drawbacks to this cute tail. The tail is glued into the base securely enough to stand up to tugging, and the plug is well-shaped and Crystal Delights plugs are always smooth and flawless in my experience.

I’m so happy with my black fox tail! I had been eyeballing it for over a year, and it really lived up to my excitement. Not everyone is a furry (including me, really), but it’s great in so many ways for so many people, whether furries or Leatherpups or sensation play aficionados. I highly recommend checking out this toy in the shop when you can!

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