Exotic Dance is an Art, Not a Crime

Angered by media mis-portrayal of their chosen art form, local burlesque performers and exotic dancers are planning a May 1 visit to the property of the Philadelphia Daily News to introduce their reporters to dancers who are not on the “downward spiral” reported by the newspaper’s “experts.”

We covered this story  in our “Sexpose” Column last month, but now there is a time and place for the event.


Strippers are artists, not criminals

Join local burlesque artists and exotic entertainers at the Daily News Building - 3pm Tuesday May 1 to dispel the stereotypes of exotic dancers. Click the picture for more information.

Who: Melissa Bang Bang and local burlesque artists, dancers and their allies.

What: Testimony about who exotic dancers are and the many reasons they do what they do

Where: The action will take place at 400 North Broad Street

When: Supporters will gather at 3PM outside the Inquirer/Daily News Building

Why: Because the  Daily News (and other media outlets) refuse to acknowledge the existence of and respect the livelihood of persons (mainly women) in the adult entertainment industry who do not fit into their pre-defined stereotypical storylines.

For more information rsvp on Facebook.

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