Affordable Electro-Sex?

Many people have accidentally discovered the orgasmic thrills of electricity- sometimes in the most embarrassing places. Many, many times electro-orgasms happen spontaneously and quite unexpectedly during physical therapy sessions, chiropractic office visits or when participating in medical studies.

The modern phenomenon of electro-sex has bred an entire genre of high-tech electrostim and high-voltage devices that can cost a pretty penny. But on the affordable and (relatively) knowledge accessible end of the spectrum, Sexploratorium is proud to offer four great products, in stock now!

The Neon Wand is a kinder, gentler, less expensive and easier to use high voltage generator that comes with four attachments for just $149.99. The brand new Power Tripper Electrode (not pictured on our site yet but available in-store) retails for just $49.99. The TENS-2800 is a portable e-stim kit with carrying case electrodes and a battery for just $46.99 (in stock now) and the Cobra Stinger is a pocketsized thriller for just $69.99!

Playing with electrical voltage and current is not recommended for those with pacemakers, skin lacerations or conditions, heart trouble or shortness of breath.

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Most basic electric massage devices like the TENS pictured above (starting at $69.99) send a low amount of current through the nerves causing involuntary contractions (you can easily imagine where such contractions might be quite pleasurable). Therefore, two points of contact with the body are required- causing the current to travel between those two points. For safety’s sake, be advised to keep such play below the waist to avoid interference with the heartbeat. More expensive devices like The ErosTek or P.E.S. Box, use this same principle. Many toys manufactured by multiple companies can be used interchangeably with the correct adapters.

Hight voltage generators like the UV Wand Kit and the above-pictured Neon Wand use high voltage nearly static (little current or sub-dermal penetration) to create sparks when held close to the skin. Because the electricity doesn’t travel below the skin, these types of toys are considered safer to use above the waist, but be warned that static electricity can destroy pacemakers, computers and cell phones!

Who says high-tech toys can’t be affordale?

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