Toyfriend – Bubbly

It’s true; you’ll never forget your first Toyfriend. I’ll never forget mine. I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of complex vibrators; I just want to have fun without having to read a manual first. Masturbation shouldn’t be complicated, and  this is where the simplicity of Toyfriends comes in handy.

I have never heard of the Tickler brand before, but when their series of the Toyfriends arrived at Sexploratorium, I quickly became interested by just scoping out their adorable package design. These battery operated vibrators come in several bold shapes, it’s a push button control toy that offers 2 vibration speeds (one low setting & one high setting) with 3 different pulsation modes.

The model that particularly caught my attention was the Bubbly. I wasn’t sure if it was its rich magenta color or its fascinating tri-bubble head, but it was something I had to have…& I’m really glad I did!

The Bubbly Toyfriend

"You never forget your first Toyfriend"

The playful shapes are not just created to look cute! The Bubbly is shaped to accommodate the G-Spot but it’s also just as amazing to use on the clit, giving the person who’s using this toy the option of internal or external enjoyment. I mean, the tip of the Bubbly is premium for pin-point clitoral stimulation. The texture alone will win your heart. Seriously, its silky soft silicone finish is pretty breath taking, also making it super easy to clean & is great to use with any water based lubricants…or if you’re not into using lube, it’s perfect without it too!

Not to mention that it’s water resistant, which will make showering extra perky & let’s be honest…there aren’t that many vibrators out there that are able to join you in the shower. As for it’s, “whisper quiet” sound, kind of not the case here. It’s not terribly loud, but sort of noticeable. Aside from that, the Bubbly is hands down my favorite toy!

The Toyfriends are too cute to pass up & really affordable! They’re just under $50.00 & even include their own pair of AAA batteries in the package, so it will be all ready for you to play with when you take it home. Talk about friends having your back, a Toyfriend will fast become your new BFF.


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