Erotic Body Piercing and the legendary Elayne Angel

This week, Philadelphia get’s to meet the author of the bible. The Piercing Bible, that is.

Master piercer Elayne Angel will be kicking off a guest piercing stint here in town with a special Passion 101 class about her craft – A Guided Tour of Erotic Body Piercing tomorrow night at 1318 Walnut Street (3rd floor).

Buy advance tickets for this class, and don’t miss a unique opportunity to explore your own physical landscape(s) and consider the vast possibilities for adornment and pleasure.

According to Wikipedia, “Angel became interested in body piercing after a casual encounter with a woman bearing a nipple piercing at a Renaissance Faire in 1981. Through her encounter, she became involved with and employed by Gauntlet, the first, and at the time only professional body piercing studio in the United States. While employed by Gauntlet, she worked at the Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco branches. She was the first recipient of a Master Piercer certificate, from Gauntlet founder Jim Ward. Her technical contributions to the field of body piercing include the invention, naming and popularizing of several placements, including the fourchette and the lorum piercings. She is also widely credited with popularizing and promoting the tongue piercing.[2]

The focus of Elayne’s guided tour of Erotic Body Piercing tomorrow will be the relationship between (non-temporary) body piercings and sex. Armed with a video presentation featuring larger than life photos of pierced body parts, Elayne will explain the sexual possibilities of body piercings. She should know since, as noted on her Wikipedia page, she “distributed the research study for doctors at the University of South Alabama on the relationship between female sexual satisfaction and vertical clitoral hood piercing. Positive results were published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.”

Elayne is an international go-to person for advanced piercings, so bring your questions to this workshop: No question is too graphic or kinky!

Elayne will be accepting appointments as a guest piercer at Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia from Thursday through Sunday.

Elayne’shusband, adult star Buck Angel is also in town and will present two Passion 101 workshops later this week and will shoot footage for an upcoming movie compilation.

Sign up in advance (online)  for Elayne’s class: A guided tour of  Erotic Body Piercing

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