Positively Sexy Performance: Gaga for Lady Gaga!

Since last year’s Grammy awards, we have asked our customers to nominate music videos that send a “positively sexy message” celebrating pleasure and body/gender acceptance.  Our original concept was to name a “winner” and give and “award” at the end of 12 months of nominations. Alas,  we have fallen behind in posting all of the nominations, and it turns out that many “old school” videos were nominated with a backlog of at least ten nominations. For the new year, our goal is not to create an “award” or a “competition” but simply to celebrate the performers and performances that send positive sexual messages.

Of the nominations we received, wanted to acknowledge the many  and mentions  sex-positive influence of Lady Gaga, especially for “Born this Way”.

Since the award winning “Born this Way” video became an anthem for the LGBT community, we decided to feature the gender-challenging  video for “You and ,” along with the groundbreaking live performance and interviews that resulted from its production. We’d like to give “Born this Way” some breathing room and revisit the positivity in its lyrics and video in the future, when a reminder would be more welcome and less “overloading.” This seems fitting, especially in light of the fact that “Born this Way” resulted in the MTV Video Music Award and ensuing performance that brought the newer and very different, “You and I” into public spotlight.

Bringing a new level of awesomeness to award shows, Lady Gaga completely reinvented themselves from the her famously femmetastic stage-show grandeur that  and performed in full drag at the MTV Video Music Awards last August.

In addition to her performance, Gaga remained in character through the end “You and I” video she has been interviewed in character as “Joe Calderone,” creating buzz and raising a bit of controversy about gender roles and “proper etiquette.” But by and large, the performance and her alter-ego were widely received with love, especially from the lgbt advocates interviewed by MTV.

For more information and news about the world’s favorite pop diva, visit the Lady Gaga Official Site

What’s your favorite video that sends a positive message about sexuality and sexual expression? Nominate your favorite here!

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