Sing a Song of Siri!

Lelo has been blowing the minds of the staff of the Sexploraotorium (and before that at PASSIONAL) since they started selling in the USA, and Siri is no exception.  It’s not one of Lelo’s newest toys but still stands out among the toys of similar size in Lelo’s arsenal of amazing!

The Siri fits wonderfly into the palm of your hand and unlike it’s older counterparts the Nea and Lily the controls are on 4 buttons instead of 2. This means you can have any of the 6 pulse modes on any speed you like, instead of being forced to have it on the top speed like many vibrators do.

Sing a song of Siri!

The Siri is also gosh darn powerful for a toy of it’s size.  I am a Hitachi owner and will say that the Siri alone is not a thing that can knock my socks off because of this. I do find, however, that it can knock my socks off when accompanied with oral sex, penetrative sex (whether that be with a partner or a toy) and using it on the sweet (external) spots on  my male bodied partner!

In case you are not familiar with Lelo here are a few facts: They have a 1 year quality warranty on all their toys, so if it breaks (which is crazy unlikely) Sexploratorium will replace it for you for free! They also have a 10 year quality guarantee, so if anything happens to it, you’ll be able to get half off another one through Lelo. This is a better promise on quality then you’d find on most items at Best Buy let alone other sex toys. The Siri is rechargeable so you will NEVER have to buy batteries. It has a wonderful soft silicone for the part that touches whatever it is you’d like to vibrate. This means that it is ridiculously easy to sanitize for toy sharing or just general cleaning between uses.

Bottom line is, the Siri is Lelo’s most powerful non insert-able toy. If you are going to make an investment on a sex toy, this might just be the one!

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