Happy Sweet 16! LAST CHANCE to redeem your Sexploratorium rewards!

TODAY: February 6, 2012 is the observance of our mother store’s 16th anniversary in business!

 The evolutionary journey that resulted in the birth of Sexploratorium 4 and a half years ago, began in Philadelphia 16 years back (Actually it was last fall, but since Fetishes Boutique opened at the current PASSIONAL storefront on Feb. 6, we celebrate on Feb. 6!) Sexploratorium is joining the celebration of PASSIONAL’s birthday today (and we will celebrate our own birthday in September).

Today is your last chance to redeem your rewards!
Plus if you bring us an anniversary or sweet 16 birthday card, you will save an extra 16% off your Sexploratorium purchase*! Your card will be displayed on our front door through Valentine’s.

* 16% discount cannot be combined with any other discounts or offers besides rewards redemption!

All the purchases you made have been tallied and you have 5% of last year’s purchases to spend toward a purchase through February 6 at 10PM! If you did not receive a reminder email from us (check/correct the contact info you provided), stop by or call the store at 215-923-1398  to find out how much you have to spend!
You may redeem your rewards online, using the term “apply rewards” in the “comments” section of your checkout form.

Members of our affiliate organizations earn double rewards!
Simply provide your club ID # at checkout (in-store or online)

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