Blind Date

There’s no question that blindfolds are wonderful toys to have in your collection. Whether you simply like sex in the dark or you’re interested in light and sensual to heavy BDSM, blindfolds come in handy. For beginners and people who like to occasionally dabble into the world of kink, using a blindfold to restrict sight can heighten the other senses (especially touch) and turn a simple feather or ice cube into a thrilling sensory experience. For heavier players, blindfolds are almost a necessity for play that involves more total sensory deprivation or tease and denial. But the trick is that there are probably hundreds of blindfolds on the market, all wildly different in construction and price. It can be hard to find a really well-made, comfortable blindfold at a low price.

Fortunately, there are blindfolds like the Blind Jockey available. The Blind Jockey is a leather blindfold made by cutting and then folding the material so that the part covering the eyes is almost cup-shaped. The back strap is stretchy elastic that can be adjusted much the same way a bra strap might be, with a piece that can slide back and forth, rather than a buckle. It’s available in black, that ever-popular staple color for BDSM toys, and available in either Small or Large.

Sometimes, a flat blindfold can feel as though it’s being mashed up against the eyes while feeling like it’s not conforming to the curves of the face, allowing light in especially around the nose. The cup-shaped eye portions of the Blind Jockey are wonderful because the person wearing the blindfold can easily open and close their eyes, but without the gaps. It’s a lot more ergonomic. And if someone wears contact lenses or makeup, they can comfortably wear the blindfold without feeling eye irritation or experiencing as much smudging. More eye makeup will stay on the face, and less will end up on the blindfold. And because there aren’t gaps, the blindfold is pitch black on the inside whether the wearer’s eyes are open or closed. It’s even lightly padded to provide some cushion and softness on the inside!

The strap on the back feels more comfortable than buckle-style straps; there’s no dangling strap to get in the way, no buckle to dig into the head, and it’s wide enough to stay put. The stretchy and adjustable elastic of the strap means that one of the two sizes available will comfortably fit nearly everyone. The blindfold can be pulled over the head (and not come undone) and then easily removed with just one hand. Quick, easy, and comfy!

And the best part is that the comfort and ease of this blindfold is also affordable! There are similar blindfolds on the market (albeit with even more features) that are considerably more expensive than this one, but you get all of the basic features of a more expensive blindfold for just under $35 when you buy the Blind Jockey! It’s constructed to be durable, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. The Blind Jockey is a great investment for all kinds of people, and definitely something I’d recommend checking out!

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