Give the gift of playtime – World’s best remote vibrators!

What’s the best way to impress your partner this year? Forget the Wii remote, drop your smartphone, and pick up one of Sexploratorium’s new guaranteed remote toys -then get ready to enjoy the vibration all year long!

Remote-controlled toys open endless possibilities for partners to play- whether in private, out dancing or just walking around! The ever-popular Astrea Remote Panties by Dr. Laura Berman ($69.99) are always in demand, andSexploratorium guarantees these and all battery operated products will function for at least 90 days. Yet the problem is that most remote toys on the market fail to stand the test of time, until now!

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Lelo has created three new remote vibrating toys that are rechargeable and that are covered with Lelo’s unique long-term warranty:
1. Oden is designed to wrap around the penis and provide vibrations during intercourse, making doggie-style more fun than ever!
2. Tiani is designed for vaginal insertion during intercourse, similar to the (also controlled by a guaranteed wireless remote) We-vibeIII but with only one external vibrator motor instead of both an internal and external vibrator
3. Lyla is the traditional “vibrating egg” style insertable vibrator made for internal stimulation.

At Sexploratorium, we were totally excited by the idea of any remote toy that is guaranteed to last, but Lelo takes both form and function to new levels by have incorporating technology that allows partners to “dance” together! Check out their You-tube video:

If you want to bring one of these home for the holidays, get one now while they last –we will package it for you and provide you with a gift receipt that details your warranty (one year free replacement for both Lelo and WeVibe products, plus ten year half price replacement for registered Lelo products)!

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