Essential Miracle Oil for your (soon to be) hair-free regions!

Dare to be Bare Miracle Oil
1 oz. $14.99

Whether you’re shaving, waxing, or just have dry, irritated skin, Dare to be Bare Miracle Oil’s all natural ingredients will leave you feeling silky smooth. Containing only natural oils of hemp seed, tea tree, rose hips, soybean, avocado, jojoba, apricot, & Vitamin E, this oil is a refreshing way to moisturize and heal your skin.

Applying right after a shave or wax soothes any burning or chafing, and regular applications in between hair removal even lessens the discomfort and itchiness of the re-growth period! But my favorite part of this product is what it doesn’t do. It doesn’t smell like strong perfume or medicine like some lotions and creams can. Instead, the natural ingredients leave behind a very mild and pleasant aroma – which is exactly what I would hope for in a product that I put on my body, especially in any of the more sensual regions. Dare to be Bare also doesn’t burn or sting freshly shaved or waxed skin. It instantaneously soothes and calms irritation. Lastly, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily, waxy, or for lack of a better term, “lotion-y”. Some lotions and creams are too thick, some are too thin, some are too oily, and some can even feel drying. This Miracle Oil is just right. It doesn’t leave your skin with a “just lotioned” feeling. Your skin will feel soft, and natural, just the way you want it to.

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