Halloween: Live your darkest fantasies

Tis the season for hunting and prowling! The modern-day observance of Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to wear your fantasies on your sleeve, or in locked sleeve, or on your head!

New Lelo remotes in-store!

Why  visit a sex shop for Halloween, you may ask? For fantasies that flirt and function! With the addition of a remote vibrator like this new style from Lelo (believe it- a remote vibrator with a warranty!) or a collar and leash, any costume is guaranteed to become sexier than ever, but some sex toys also double as costumes, especially in the fetish departments!




Take a look at some of these kinky accessories masquerading as costumes:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Deep inside Sexploratorium lies a secret world of extreme fantasy and fun role- play where all the necessary props and accessories for the darkest fantasies can be discovered!

Our new bunny hood is too cute to cause concern about its confining structure- its black rabbit partner contrasts against its virginal coloring. These are just two options in a whole department for serious puppy, equestrian and doll play equipment.  If you have never outgrown trick or treat, try the hard candy jawbreaker gag.  If medical play or straight up bondage is more your style, a genuine hospital-grade strait jacket is a must-have. Riding cropsnipple clamps, liquid latex and other fun toys are all excellent additions to any exhibitionist costume creation!

Did we mention that you can re-live magical moments with all of your new sex-cessories again at the Diabolique Ball in December!


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