Positively Sexy Video: Lick It

Just in time to whet your appetites for Thursday’s “Getting Down with Going Down on her” workshop with Chelsea Olivia, we are posting Karrie S’s nomination for “Positively Sexy Video”

We are not sure how we missed the debut of this song on the Showtime series The L Word, but we are thankful to have found the video for Lick It by God Des & She

God-Des & She are a hip hop/pop/ soul duet from New York (via Madison Wisconsin) whose talented drag kings models combine with witty lyric make this humorous look at sex education (not to mention the implied art of cunning-lingual performance) positively wrong in all of the right ways! A dancing vagina in front of an ice cream truck isn’t supposed to be hot, is it?  Who knew?

Lyrics for the song include:

…pick her up and set her on your face
pick a large area, give her some space
she needs some room to place your mouth where she want it
let her ride your face like she’s about to come on it…

Sounds like great advice to us!

Check out the official Goddess and She website for tour dates, downloads and other news! We hope to see/hear these folks at upcoming Pride events and festivals (and anywhere else for that matter)!

Nominate your choice for “Positively sexy video” with any video (old or new) that you know to have a sex-positive message. In other words, a sexy video that is not phobic, judgmental or just plain tacky. Humor is encouraged, sexiness (and a certain amount of sophistication) is mandatory!

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