Show your colors- Hanky code specials at Sexploratorium this month!

In celebration of pride month, Sexploratorium is providing souvenirs with purchases all month long through June 30. In addition to our free rainbow flag special, we are celebrating leather community traditions by encouraging you to wave a more personal flag- “show your colors” this month by flagging your intentions using the hanky code.

According to Wikipedia, “flagging”  has it roots in western culture where railway workers would signal availability using colored bandanas during square dances. The “hanky code” was widely used during the 1970s in gay leather subculture, but is now widely used by bisexual, queer, pansexual and just about any other category of BDSM practitioner.

Hankies, hankies everywhere

Show your colors this month- when you buy from a certain category of product, get a FREE hanky that corresponds. Then, choose which side to raise your "flag"

The practice of “flagging” involves wearing color coded bandanas or fabrics on the left (dominant or active) or right (submissive or passive) side of the body, most frequently hanging from the rear pockets or belt loops of pants.Various colors of bandana are used to indicate specific activities sought by the wearer*:

* The color/interpretations of the code vary from region to region.

Earn a free hanky for each category purchase you make through June 30.
Here’s what your Philly Sexplorers have come up with for you:

  • Light Blue = Oral Sex – Buy any oral sex how-to book or video ($15-40) – only have one hanky
  • Black = heavy S&M – Buy any impact toy over $25, or buy Screw the Roses or SM 101
  • Grey (light) = Bondage – Spend over $25 on bondage equipment or how-to books
  • Purple = Piercing– Buy a box of needles
  • Light Yellow= Spit– Buy any ballgag over $25
  • Yellow = Watersports – Buy a funnel gag or a pStyle (and case)
  • Orange = Up For Anything – Spend $20 or more on lube
  • Red = Fisting – Buy any box of gloves or book on fisting
  • Fuschia = Spanking – Buy any impact toy over $25, or buy Screw the Roses or SM 101
  • Pink, light = Dildos – Buy any dildo $25 or more
  • Green, hunter = Daddy/boy – Buy any collar $25 or more or any book about D/s over $20

Pop musician and performance artists Peaches, even has a song that pays homage to the code and names colors (see below).

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