Life “Sex Offender” sentence for Sexworkers?

Just when we thought that our modern civilization might be getting more civilized when it comes to matters of sex and sexuality, we learned from the Huffington Post that the state of Louisiana is using an old sodomy law statute (most of which have been either nullified or ignored since the conservative backlash in the late 1980s) for “crimes against nature” to prosecute sexworkers who sell consensual oral or anal sex or money.

Under these prosecutions, offenders are required to register as “Sex Offenders” and their state drivers licenses are marked with red letters indicating this registration, effectively rendering them ineligible for most jobs and ineligible/undesirable for housing and other basic needs.

Earlier this year there was a challenge to these laws  that is still pending as far as we can tell, however, we strongly urge our customers and readers to consider actively supporting the efforts to repeal this and other ridiculous laws that penalize people for consensual sex.

Get involved:

Center for Constitutional Rights

Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

The Body Politic is an occasional call to action regarding sexuality and the laws (primarily in the U.S.).  Submit action items or suggestions by commenting below.

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