May: A Month-long Masturbation Holiday!

Posted May 13, 2011

In the mid 90’s,  former US Surgeon General  Dr. Joycelyn Elders was fired for agreeing with an interviewer that masturbation “is part of sexuality and should be taught.”

The ensuing controversy surrounding her (not so very radical to those of use in the sexuality education world) statements provided more humorous utterances of the word “masturbation” in the media than at any other time in history (or since). The ridiculousness the situation that got her fired as U.S. Surgeon General prompted the first declaration of May as National Masturbation Month.

Although it is often asserted (mostly by people with penises) that “Masturbation doesn’t need to be taught,” we promise you (especially people with vaginas) that there is much to learn from others! So be sure to check out  Sexploratorium’s upcoming Passion 101 Classes  with May workshops that include tips and tricks for very specific kinds of self-stimulation! Tell a friend!

At Sexploratorium, we celebrate National Masturbation Month each year by offering special classes and events. This year, that event will be Pleasure Rush on Saturday May 14th at AROUSE, a workshop and toy party especially for women interested in perfecting self-pleasuring techniques and swapping secrets! Toy orders placed that night benefit GALEI.


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