Experience the Real Touch this Weekend @Sexploratorium!

Bring a friend to Sexploratorium this Saturday or Sunday morning!

Real Touch: A FREE Saturday/ Sunday brunch appetizer for men
(and their partners).

Experience the RealTouch virtual/ interactive toy for men this weekend during TWO free demos!

It’s rare that we find a sex toy that is so revolutionary in design and function that it warrants it’s own “coming out” party! With Real Touch, we feel that you need to see and touch to grasp the amazing possibilities!

The Real Touch is a virtual sex device for male bodies that is activated by programmed sequences on select erotic movies. When connected to a computer playing a video file, the Real Touch reacts to specific activities as they occur on video. If there is thrusting happening on the video, the Real Touch thrusts; if there is sucking happening on screen, the Real Touch sucks!

Youve got to experience it to believe it!

This weekend, enjoy mimosas and a live introduction to the possibilities of Real Touch during two exclusive “Brunch appetizers” in the male room at Sexploratorium on Saturday, April 23rd  at 11:30am (showcasing female/male erotica) and then on Sunday April 24th at 11:30 am an additional demonstration (featuring male/male erotica).

Examine the Real Touch orifice that can accommodate a penis of almost any size and girth. During use, it automatically flexes and squeezes for a pleasingly tight fit that mimics the act of real penetration!

Touch the soft interior. The supple texture of the Real Touch is as similar as you can get to the feel of actual mucous membranes. During use, it lightly strokes your entire length, stimulating touch receptors from the head all the way to the base of the shaft.

Learn how the internal lube mechanism releases lube at specific, well-timed moments during video playback, creating an intense, hands-free experience.

Feel the heating elements work in tandem, gently raising the temperature inside Real Touch to authentic levels. The heat calms and soothes as it permeates, giving you the distinct sensation of intimate body-to-body contact.

Unlike other designer items such as the Real Doll, the high-tech Real Touch is an affordable investment! The introductory price for orders including shipping is just $249.00. Gay-friendly packaging will not be available for at least another two weeks, but we have gay videos on hand for customers who just cannot wait to order theirs (are you really going to keep the packaging anyway?).

Bring a Friend. Have a Mimosa.
Put your finger inside and experience the Real Touch!

Where: The Male Room at Sexploratorium 620 S. 5th St.

When: Two events geared toward two male audiences

Saturday April 23 (shown with male/female erotica) 11:30AM- Noon

Sunday April 24 Easter (shown with male/male erotica) 11:30AM-Noon

Arrive by 11:15- Demo starts promptly at 11:30!
Bring payment if you want to order your own Real Touch,

free gift with every order placed at the demo!

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