This ice never melts…

The weather is slowly getting warmer. Birds are beginning to sing again. Leaves are returning to the trees. The ice is beginning to melt…

Or is it?

With Icicles, you can experience the unique sensation of glass all year round. While glass may seem a bit strange to some of you, we assure you that the properties of glass makes it a fantastic material for insertable toys! It’s smooth which means that you’ll feel almost no friction when you use a good lube, even with textured pieces! It’s nice and hard, which some people think is fantastic (especially for anal insertion)! It’s totally non-porous, which means it can be disinfected with plain soap and water or even boiled to get it extra sanitary! It can be warmed up or cooled down, which makes it pretty fantastic for the warmer months ahead or the cooler months we just left behind us! And it’s got some weight to it, which some people find to be a surprisingly wonderful sensation!

But so many people are concerned that glass pieces are just as fragile as, well…glass. But these pieces are also surprisingly strong! Most glass pieces are made of the same type of glass used to make Pyrex baking dishes, built to withstand extreme changes in temperature, wear and tear, and even being dropped short distances. Naturally, you should check your glass pieces periodically for cracks, chips, and scratches.

Glass pieces are great for all kinds of people, no matter your anatomy. They even work well as massagers! Heated up with warm water and used with massage oil, they’ll work out the kinks in your muscles…and then you can use them to work out other kinks afterwards!

The best part? You can get Icicles pieces for 30% off until April 30!

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See these styles (and MORE!) in stock now, but don’t wait until they’re gone with Old Man Winter! Glass pieces by other designers are available as well!

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