“Maid” to Serve

We all know how good it can feel to get a fresh start in Spring, whether it’s by doing some spring cleaning or by trying new things to get that bounce back in your step. We know a great way to do both at the same time, if you’re game…

Let’s play a little game, one that you may have heard of – the French Maid roleplay! But let’s put a little twist on it. This time, the Maid really does have some work to do! Whether you gents (or those who love them) have been craving an opportunity to get in touch with your sissy side, or you ladies want to surprise your partner by giving them a spotless house in the sexiest, raciest way possible, we can help!

Hopefully, you’ve already checked out our blog about dressing the part. Now, you just need to sexcessorize!

Are you a man who craves a chance to get in touch with your inner sissy maid, but you need a little direction? You’re in luck! Sexploratorium carries a variety of publications geared to YOU! Forced Womanhood, Enslaved Sissies and Maids, and Transformation are all a good start. Full of fantastic fetish tales, ideas, tips and tricks, and really hot pictures, these magazines should give you a great jumping off point for your journey into sissification!

No matter who you are, we’ve got some pretty fantastic toys to make your French Maid fantasy come true. We highly recommend the Humiliator Gag System! You can pick up this remarkably comfortable gag system with click-in attachments ranging from feather dusters to toilet bowl brushes and boot brushes! Restrain their wrists and they have no choice but to use this gag to clean away Old Man Winter! Everything you’d ever need to sweep away those winter cobwebs and live out your kinkiest fantasy!

The Humiliator Gag with the Toilet Brush attachment

And there are so many other fun toys you can incorporate into this roleplay, as well – from remote control devices to collars and cockrings with bells, from beautiful silk restraints to shoe locks that make those stilettos only removable with a key! We’ve even got chastity devices to keep your sissy locked down tight and riding crops to keep that girl of yours in line!

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