BILLY by Lelo – Reviewed by Toys4Boys Blogger  Eric ZONK

So, here’s a male specific insertable toy designed by Lelo, that yet again, I was behind the curve on!  Guys, IF you like vibrations on or around your junk and parts, this is an absolute must-have!  I guess I was behind the curve on this because I was too busy selling these things, cuz they fly out of our store like hotcakes.  “Why?” you might ask yourself?  Because not only are Lelo products aesthetically AWESOME, like an iPod/Mac Product meets a Wii controller, but they are powerful, and quiet, and rechargeable.  As if that’s not enough, they are guaranteed for a full year on a replacement if anything should go wrong mechanically. But the folks at Lelo have gone above and beyond the call of duty and stand so proudly and confidently behind their products that they will give you 50% of your purchase back for another nine years out after the first!



So, let’s talk specifics about Billy…  This is a prostate massager (P-Spotter), so it’s not about size, so much as it is about power and awesome vibrations on the prostate gland.  The insertable portion is covered in a silky smooth and soft silicone finish, for very pleasant entry.  As it is a male specifically designed toy for insertion in the anus, to reach the prostate gland, it has a very nice flange at the base of the insertable portion where it meets the controller, so as not to slip into the anus and get lost. This guy features five patterns of vibration, my favorite is what is often referred to as the roller coaster (a combo of ascending and descending on a loop, IF you’ve ever used other products with said variables…)  The roller coaster ascends to a nice peak and then gradually drops off, or descends and does it all over again, and again…  And you can control the intensity of it all, which makes for even more pleasure.  BUTT!  Don’t get this toy confused for just an insertable…IF you have a vivid and adventurous imagination, the sky is the limit, and you can use Billy as an explorative wand around your cock (shaft and balls) as well as for stimulating and hitting the P-Spot externally by applying pressure to the perineum (guys, IF you don’t know what that is, GOOGLE IT!)



I can’t rave about this enough, it’s not just a vibrator, it’s so much more…it’s the crème de la crème of male-specific toys, it’s luxurious and sophisticated and gets the job done…  I played for hours and hours with this, out of sheer joy and elation…and I can’t recommend this enough to straight and gay men alike who want to use it as a beginner anal toy.  The vibration is great for beginners to assist in the process of relaxing the sphincter and allowing for penetration and pleasure.  You can’t go wrong with Billy, he’ll be your new best friend and in the long run will be a trusted companion when you’re single and surfing the net or cruising.  Or, if you’re coupled, give him over to your partner and let them explore your body with this awesome buddy!  Billy gets 5 brilliant stars out of 5!  Make the investment, you won’t be disappointed!

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